PGP Pipeline Component v1.1

August 7, 2007 / 9 Comments

I ran across a few things that I needed to update and have posted them here as well.
Notable changes include:

Added Pipeline Component property of Extension.  This allows you to specify what extension you want to place at the end of your encrypted file.  The default value is PGP.
Added capability to decrypt a signed message.
Updated decryption to […]
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FTP, PGP, and Me

August 7, 2007 / No Comment

So let me break this down for you…
Company A (Acme, Inc) wants to exchange data with Company C (Charlie Company).  However, I represent Company B (BizTalk United) and we want to collect some of the data as well.  A requirement has been made that all data will be transmitted using FTP and will also be encrypted.  So, as the […]
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PGP Pipeline Component

August 7, 2007 / 27 Comments

Recently I was required to perform some PGP encryption and decryption of files.  Realizing this was going to require a custom Pipeline Component, off I went to Google to find one.  Hey, why reinvent the wheel.
I’m not certain why Microsoft didn’t put one in place with the release of BTS 2006, but who am I to judge. :)
The ones […]
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Search and Replace Pipeline Component

August 7, 2007 / 1 Comment

Ok. So this isn’t the fanciest of things, but it really saved my bacon.
Problem: I have a predefined flat file schema to transform a fixed-length positional file. However, for some unknown reason, random records in the file extend beyond extend beyond the specified record length. I was able to deduce that those records consistently contained a certain value instead […]
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