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Transitioning between Sprints/Iterations with Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Post updated for  VisualStudio.com and Visual Studio 2013 Update 5: VisualStudio.com, or VSO, recently added support for the query token @CurrentIteration.  @CurrentIteration can be used in your queries to refer to the sprint or iteration that is currently in process.  This eliminates the need to create your own Current iteration as described in our original post below.  This […]

Remembering TFS Credentials (from a non-Domain Windows Client)

As a consultant, I am repeatedly connecting to customer Team Foundation Server (TFS) servers that are not on the same domain as my client workstation.  As a result, I am repeatedly prompted for credentials each time I launch Visual Studio or connect to TFS web. Notice, there is no “Remember Credentials” check box so seemingly […]

Subscribing to TFS Alerts with TFS Power Tools’ Alerts Explorer

Out of the box, Team Explorer includes the ability to subscribe to Project Alerts (available from the Team->Project Alerts menu in Visual Studio and from the Team Web->Settings Page): As the Alerts dialog image shows, Project Alerts only lets you subscribe to 4 alerts: My work items are changed by others Anything is checked in […]

Configuring Windows SMTP Server on Windows 2008 for Relay

My SMTP mail server requires that email be sent with TLS encryption and on port 587.  This makes it problematic for Team Foundation Server (TFS) to send emails directly.  To work around the problem, I installed the Windows 2008 SMTP Server service and configured it for relaying to my real SMTP mail server.  Install SMTP […]