IntelliTect employee Austen Frostad

Austen Frostad Software Engineer

Ingenious software engineer passionate about working with IoT apps and networks. This inventive techie enjoys melding physical sciences with computer sciences to find innovative and robust answers to peculiar problems. Not intimidated by the technical and nuanced, this computer science graduate from Eastern Washington University works tirelessly to refine and deliver excellent solutions.

Blogs by Austen


Don’t Let Replacing the Expired DST Root CA x3 Bring You Down If you are using an older Mac OS X version to browse the web, it’s likely that you recently started seeing "NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID", "Your connection is not private", "Clock expired privacy issue", "Safari can’t verify the identity of the website", or a similar error […]

Creating a Notion Progress Bar with Variable Formulas

Don’t Copy Formulas: Make Them Yourself With this Power-user Technique! The beauty of is that it offers so much flexibility in how you can manage and view your data. Much of this flexibility comes from the column Formula tool. While the possibilities of column data formatting and calculations with a Notion Formula are endless, […]

AAD: How to Clone/Copy a Local Windows 10 Account to an Azure Active Directory Account

Reduce Friction: Migrate to Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Keep Your Previous Accounts’ Data and Profiles I recently joined a small office of Windows 10 computers to Azure Active Directory (AAD join) to improve security and workflow for the company by following Microsoft’s recommended best practices. I needed to do this without taking the extra […]