Erin Wissing

Erin Wissing Communications Lead

Versatile communications lead who executes various campaigns that showcase the IntelliTeam’s innovative excellence. With a passion for fostering a positive team culture both on the web and at the office, this marketing expert helps to maintain the overall IntelliTect brand through blog writing and editing, video production, and event planning.

Blogs by Erin

VIDEO: Building Modern Tools with System.CommandLine

Learn How the System.CommandLine Library Can Improve the Tools You Build Most .NET developers start their career off by writing the time-honored program “Hello World.” This simple console application paints a picture of simplicity when building out console applications. However, building out a robust command-line application that delights your users takes significantly more work. Features […]

Video: Developing with DevContainers

Quickly Create a Development Environment With DevContainers The goal behind DevContainers is not to solve the "works on my machine" problem. Rather, it allows developers to create a consistent development environment for projects. It’s important to note that these environments can be reused or shared with other team members. Check out the full video from […]