Erin Wissing

Erin Wissing Communications Lead

Versatile communications lead who executes various campaigns that showcase the IntelliTeam’s innovative excellence. With a passion for fostering a positive team culture both on the web and at the office, this marketing expert helps to maintain the overall IntelliTect brand through blog writing and editing, video production, and event planning.

Blogs by Erin

Video: Is Xamarin Forms the Right Choice for Your Next App?

Perks of Using Xamarin Forms Using Xamarin Forms is a quick win according to Kevin Bost, Xamarin certified senior developer at IntelliTect and C# instructor at Eastern Washington University. Xamarin is Microsoft’s platform for building mobile applications. Using a shared C# codebase, developers can build android and IOS apps at the same time using the […]

The ‘Elegant-Innovative-Excellence’ of C#

Why C# Should Be Part of Your Tooling Arsenal C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a language used in combination with Microsoft’s .NET framework for developing applications. “The open-sourced nature of C# and the framework that comes with it is pretty unique,” Mark Michaelis said during a recent interview on Code Chat. “What really makes C# […]