Grant Erickson Chief Technical Officer

Results-driven chief technical officer with an extensive record of achievement. Uniquely skilled at designing and implementing large-scale multi-million-dollar software initiatives with a particular emphasis on high-level governmental and utility software projects. A competent expert in initiating projects from scratch, gathering requirements, designing high-level architecture, implementing DevOps, and building unifying and easy-to-use interfaces with the capability to integrate multiple complex engineering tool suites. Expert at evaluating business-cases and determining whether a software solution would be valuable to a particular client, considering return on investment, other company products, overall cost, and other human factors unique to that client. This confident leader fosters employee growth and development in any business setting and possesses a proven ability to provide high-level technical architecture and vision for any complex software project in a secure environment.

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Blogs by Grant

.NET 5 VIDEO: A New Era in .NET

Developers, Start Your Migrations! .NET 5 Paves the Way for a Great Development Experience! For the past several years, Microsoft has invested heavily in .NET Core, their open-source, cross-platform development solution. As a result, those working with the original .NET Framework have been receiving fewer updates. While .NET Core and .NET Framework are language compatible, […]

Architecting a Cyber-Physical Office Space

Implementing an Integrated Cyber-Physical System Utilizing Open Standards and Inexpensive Components Cyber-physical systems are transforming the way we view and interact with everyday objects and processes and have led the way into the 4th Industrial Revolution. These systems hold the promise of revolutionary advances in fields from medicine to public safety to manufacturing. Who would […]

Agile Demystified: 7 Metrics to Assess Your Agile Practices

Evolution of Agile Development Agile development has evolved to become the norm for software projects. Many organizations are practicing agile with fantastic results. However, sometimes results are less than stellar. Assess your company’s agile practices with this quick checklist. Score 1 point for every answer you agree with. 1. Number of unit tests: Increasing Your […]

Software Solutions Demystified: Buy or Build with Confidence

Buy or Build Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to make the important ‘buy or build’ decision many times. In retrospect, some commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products have worked out wonderfully. Others have been less than stellar. I use the following matrix to help make my decision. Here are some key points to consider for […]