kelly adams

Kelly Adams Senior Software Engineer

Senior software guru with extensive experience developing cutting-edge applications in multiple industries ranging from education, public utilities, healthcare, and direct marketing. Excellent communication skills and experience leading and instructing teams on the latest technologies including mobile development with Xamarin.Forms, C#, Microsoft ASP.NET Core, MongoDB, Azure serverless solutions, Azure DevOps, and others. Published author who provides objective advice, expertise, and technical skills with the goal of creating value and improving the business performance of clients.

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Blogs by Kelly

Using Enter-VsDevShell in PowerShell Consoles

A New Way to Add Visual Studio Tools to Your PowerShell Environment with Enter-VsDevShell PowerShell + Visual Studio == Awesome Until the 16.2.1 release1 of Visual Studio 2019, I used the inimitable PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) module to execute batch files to alter the current environment variables (PATH, etc.). I would use the Invoke-BatchFile cmdlet […]

Moving Quickly Among Branches With PowerShell Dynamic Parameters

I am currently working on a large integration project that uses a PowerShell script within each sub-module to manage building, deploying and even launching Visual Studio. Due to a reliance on code namespaces matching with folder structures, these PowerShell scripts are sprinkled all over a large directory structure. Fortunately, they are well-named and exist in […]

Self-Hosted Integration Testing Of OData and WebApi

Full-stack testing of OData 4.0 and Web API 2.2 ASP.Net MVC controllers Why Are Unit Tests of OData Web API Controllers Insufficient? A common pattern for testing ASP.Net Web API 2 controller methods is to call them directly after mocking or setting up the Request and Configuration properties. When OData v4 is then added to […]