Mark Michaelis

Mark Michaelis Principal, CEO, Chief Technical Architect

A premier authority in development technologies with recognized coding expertise and proven training methods, IntelliTect’s CEO delivers customized strategic technology consulting to CIOs, technology executives and industry leaders. Recognized by Microsoft as a Regional Director in 2007 and distinguished Microsoft MVP for C# and Visual Studio Team System since 1996, this CEO has honed his engineering skills by serving on several Microsoft software design review teams, including C#, Azure, the Connected Systems Division and Visual Studio Team System ALM.

A regular speaker at developer conferences around the world and has written numerous articles and books – Essential C# 7.0 is his most recent. Click here for a blog with links to past articles and media appearances. IntelliTect’s founder continues to attract elite team members with proven expertise in utilizing best practice application lifecycle management and software engineering practices to deliver quality solutions on time, in scope and within budget.

When not bonding with his computer, this leader is searching for his next adventure with his wife Elisabeth and three children, Benjamin, Hanna and Abigail.


Blogs by Mark

Essential .NET: How to Contribute to Microsoft Open Source Software Projects (MSDN)

Here’s a fact: Microsoft hosts around 2,000 open source software (OSS) repositories on GitHub, including some rather large ones like the .NET Compiler Platform, also known as “Roslyn,” which has as many as 4 million lines of code. For many developers, the prospect of submitting code changes to a project that runs on millions of […]

Essential .NET: Tuple Trouble – Why C# Tuples Get to Break the Guidelines (MSDN)

Back in the August 2017 issue of MSDN Magazine I wrote an in-depth article on C# 7.0 and its support for tuples ( At the time I glossed over the fact that the tuple type introduced with C# 7.0 (internally of type ValueTuple<…>) breaks several guidelines of a well-structured value type, namely: Do Not declare […]

Machine Learning Can Save Lives In Spokane

Examine medical data and cure problems using computer algorithms without violating HIPPA. Machine learning is an area of quantitative science that allows computers to run algorithms to create predictions or disentangle causality. We are no longer limited by the ideas that the human brain can formulate because machine learning can uncover unconsidered possibilities. Medical breakthroughs […]

PowerShell Write-Error Without Writing Stack Trace

Recently, I was trying to display the errors and warning from a DotNet Build. While the warnings all displayed correctly, the errors always included the stack trace: I was able to control the error output slightly by varying the global $ErrorView variable, but the only two options were NormalView or CategoryView, neither of which gave me […]