Mike Curn

Mike Curn Senior SDET

Dedicated Senior SDET with software experience spanning manual and automated testing, development, business process improvement, and DevOps engineering. Guides teams in best practices and goals for automating repeatable processes and increasing efficiency of manual processes. With a mind for easing pain points on development teams, this engineer takes advantage of current technology, including Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, Test Plans, and Azure Artifacts to helping teams maximize productivity. Primary contributor to IntelliTect TestTools and Selenate libraries.

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Blogs by Mike

Painless Bug Testing through the Isolation of Variables

Why It’s Crucial to Catch Your Broken Functionality Before Sending it to Production QA resources waste time through long, protracted test efforts that try to hammer all of their bug testing through the UI at the end of (or after) development. One of the main problems with this approach is that it becomes tough to […]