Vice President of Professional Services

Accomplished professional with over two decades of executive-level experience creating and delivering software solutions in healthcare, utilities, legal systems, insurance, manufacturing and supply chain verticals. This vice president has extensive history in lean software development and rapid value delivery and is an expert collaborator who delivers innovative solutions to the most difficult problems.

An articulate communicator fluent in the languages of people and technology, this architect blends process mastery and technical expertise with his exceptional interpersonal skills. With a track record of turning around troubled projects and guiding them to timely completion, this leader directs and empowers teams by promoting and encouraging teamwork, implementing positive processes and achieving repeatable, quantifiable results in both business and technical project delivery.

In today’s world of high demand, rapid-change start-up environments, this engineer is a tremendous asset for clients; capable of leading teams through change and adapting to any environment.


Blog Posts

Starting the DevOps Journey

Is your team ready for DevOps? DevOps, or Development and Operations, is the integration of the people, process and tools required to deliver high-quality software in an agile manner from concept all the way to production. In its simplest terms, DevOps is the what holds a development team and operations team together so that they understand what each other is…

Data Demystified-Strengthening Your Enterprise Through Data & Analytics

At IntelliTect, we use cloud services to extract, load and transform transactional data to create agile and scalable data warehouses capable of creating reports for any user. The advanced analytics we designed have been used in various industries throughout the Inland Northwest. This past month, I had the privilege of teaching a crash course at SQLSaturday Spokane on how to…

Convert UTC to Local Time with Daylight Savings Support in Power BI

Update:  The Power BI service was recently updated such that DateTimeZone.ToLocal() now uses the client time zone which means the solution below is no longer needed to resolve the problem discussed.   Power BI provides exceptional business analytic services, and the Power BI component Power Query, provides a very powerful and dynamic tool for loading and transforming data into Power BI’s…