Carbon rapidly duplicates
CCB and MDM accounts for training
and testing via a web-based interface.
Carbon decreases training preparation
while providing a consistent and simplified
environment that students can practice
in multiple times. It also allows testers
to replicate problematic accounts in
development environments so that
issues can be fixed promptly.
Carbon is utilized by trainers, testers
and IT management daily.


Trellis is a web-based configuration
tool designed for large enterprise
applications. It allows users to track
and affect change within and between
environments in an efficient manner while
limiting human errors—at the click of
a button. Additionally, snapshots of the
configuration data are periodically recorded
and users can be alerted if changes are made.
Trellis is a valuable addition to any team
using CCB or MDM.


Myriad is a project coordination and
information dissemination tool that combines
the best of Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, Microsoft
Project and Slack. The program ensures every team
member has access to up-to-date information about
all applications and environments, including their
statuses, schedules and real-time collaboration
Myriad is used every day by developers, testers,
trainers, operations personnel, business users, IT
management and corporate management.