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For those of us frequently presenting, we are faced with having to switch to presenter fonts by changing the font size for multiple different display items on the Environment->Fonts and Colors Options dialog or (if we are looking for an adequate but not optimal solution) simple changing the zoom level.  Of course, when we get back to our desks, we have to switch back the settings to fit with our 3 monitor 2560 × 1600 WQXGA resolution (purely hypothetical in my case).

To streamline the change the November release of the Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools 2012 (see also November specific details and download) includes Quick Launch shortcuts for “Presenter Mode On/Off.”  Leveraging this requires simply jumping to Quick Launch (Ctrl+Q) and entering “Present” as shown here:


This not only changes the size of the text in the code windows (the equivalent of changing the zoom) but also bumps the font of other text including the Solution Explorer nodes, menus, and even the tab text itself.  The two images below highlight the difference between the two modes using a “legacy” (but prevalent) 1024X768 resolution.

Presenter Mode Off:


Presenter Mode On:


Notice that even with the image scaled down to a 640X455 resolution, the Presenter Mode On is still readable.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m studying theorical physics and I need to do some applications in C (graphics interface). I want to learn the Win32 API and I’m using the Petzold Book about Windows 95. I like C language and for scientific applications, it is wonderful and fast, but I want to knows if the Microsoft assists this way of programming, or in a few years will be impossible to use it in Visual Studio.


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