Our Team

Mark Michaelis


Principal, CEO, Chief Technical Architect 

Mark Michaelis
Mark Michaelis (Blog)is the founder of IntelliTect and serves as the Chief Technical Architect and Trainer. Since 1996, he has been a Microsoft MVP for C#, Visual Studio Team System, and the Windows SDK and in 2007, he was recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director. He also serves on several Microsoft software design review teams, including C#, the Connected Systems Division, and VSTS. Mark speaks at developer conferences and has written numerous articles and books - Essential C# 6.0 is his most recent. Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology. When not bonding with his computer, Mark is busy with his family or training for another Ironman (having completed his first in 2008). Mark lives in Spokane, Washington, with his wife Elisabeth and three children, Benjamin, Hanna and Abigail.

Phil Spokas


Vice President of Professional Services 


Phil Spokas is the Vice President of Professional Services for IntelliTect. He comes to the company with extensive executive management and leadership experience.  Phil’s accomplishments include strategy, architecture and design of several innovative Software as a Service solutions, development of agile management practices and the original design, architecture and development of the OnTrack Manufacturing Execution System.

In addition to Scrum and several other industry certifications, Phil holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Benedictine University. When not assisting clients, Phil enjoys hikes with his family, completing marathons, and exploring the Inland Northwest.

Anne Beard


HR Director 

Anne Beard is a Human Resources Consultant for IntelliTect. With over 17 years in the industry, Anne has a broad range of HR experience benefiting the IntelliTect team. Previously, Anne has worked with the coordination and leading of training initiatives, recruiting, scheduling and payroll, health benefits, employee manuals and many others.  Anne obtained her obtained both her National Certification in Human Resources and Professional Human Resources Certification in 2012.
Anne graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her greatest accomplishment is being deeply devoted to her awesome husband and two wonderful children. Anne enjoys reading, traveling, cooking and communicating with people which makes her an awesome fit as IntelliTect’s recruiter!

Shane Kercheval



Shane Kercheval has worked with IntelliTect for many years and his role has changed from writing software to analyzing business opportunities and optimization. After several years as a software developer, Shane earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Eastern Washington University.  Prior to earning his Master’s Degree he graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science and has two minors: Math and Physics. He mainly enjoys staying busy with continuous learning and enjoys a diverse list of topics including strategy, business analysis, economics, psychology, history, and more. Shane also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Michael Stokesbary


SharePoint Development Architect 

Michael Stokesbary is a SharePoint Development Architect for IntelliTect. Michael has been involved in computers since he was about 10 with his first computer being a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A that he programmed BASIC on and saved his programs on ordinary audio cassette tapes. Since then, Michael has learned various programming languages and primarily focuses on .NET technologies including C#, WCF, WPF, WF, SharePoint, and ASP.NET.
Michael obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Gonzaga University. When not geeking out with either his computer or the .NET User Group in Spokane, he enjoys spending time with his 2 sons, daughter and lovely wife.

Eric Edmonds


Philanthropy Coordinator 

Eric Edmonds
Eric Edmonds is incredibly excited and humbled to be the Philanthropy Coordinator for IntelliTect. The impact of the IntelliTect’s philanthropic projects has literally saved lives, as well as, greatly improved the quality of life for thousands of people around the world. Eric graduated from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University with a BA in Education and Cognitive Studies. He also spent a year at Cambridge University in England as part of his Vanderbilt Education. Eric has a passion to make the world a better place and as the Philanthropy Coordinator he is responsible for researching projects and organizations that will continue to promote IntelliTect’s mission are the world. Most evenings you can find Eric hanging out with his family, attending church functions or reading. He also enjoys swimming, biking having completed several triathlons including Ironman in 2008 and 2012.

Brian Jones


Senior Integration Architect  

Brian Jones earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Troy University.    His vast and lengthy industry experience, starting in the early 1990's, gives him a firm foundation in the field of information technology and software engineering.  Brian has achieved expert level mastery in many different technologies.   In addition to .NET (C#/WCF/WPF/WF) and ASP.NET, Brian has worked extensively with BizTalk Server since 2004 and he has published several BizTalk related white papers for Microsoft. Brian also has extensive experience with Team Foundation Server, promoting best-practices and installations and upgrades.
Brian is an avid soccer player and when he is not busy working (or playing with technology), he enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons, and recovering from Wii injuries.

Kelly Adams


Senior Software Engineer, Level II,  

Kelly Adams is a Master Code Ninja for IntelliTect. Since 1999, Kelly has been developing line-of-business applications on Microsoft platforms in various industries ranging from commercial finance to health care. He comes to IntelliTect specializing in web-based applications that utilize technologies as ASP.Net MVC, WCF, jQuery, and Entity Framework. Kelly has also participated in a Microsoft-led Developer Guidance Advisory Council in developing patterns and practices: 'Data Access for Highly-Scalable Solutions: Using SQL, NoSQL, and Polyglot Persistence' (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn271399.aspx). One of his many professional accomplishments was building a system to receive lab test orders and deliver test results to physician's offices securely over the internet.
Kelly previously attended Ithaca College in New York. When not developing unique applications, Kelly enjoys playing board games with his family, playing bass for the band Fairmount Chase and cooking Southern-style barbecue.

Jeff Hemry


Senior Software Architect 

Jeff Hemry is a Senior .NET Architect for IntelliTect. He has specialized in web development and XML/XSLT, but more currently in WPF work as he holds his MCAD, Microsoft Certified Application Developer Certificate. Jeff graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology. When not in front of his computer he enjoys riding sport bikes, any outdoor activity and raising two beautiful and well rounded daughters. One of Jeff’s biggest goals in life is to become a Life Coach and help people realize their dreams.

Heidi Smith


QA Engineer 

Heidi Smith
Heidi is a QA Engineer with over five years experience in a variety of spaces focusing most recently on the utility and medical industries. She has extensive experience designing, customizing and creating test plans according to the latest test design specifications. She has managed complex QA processes and infrastructure for a large multi-year utility project using HP Quality Center. She loves creating manual and automated tests designed to exercise critical components and complex interactions of multi-application systems. During her most recent project, she integrated into existing teams needing leadership and expertise with hands on QA testing and data collection. Heidi studied computer science at the University of Idaho and was recruited right out of college by a Seattle based company as a software engineer for their mobile and embedded systems department. Heidi was born and raised in North Idaho and enjoys skiing, camping, fishing and spending time with friends and family. Being a thrill seeker, she enjoys skydiving, bungee jumping and white water rafting trips.

Mark Salvino


Software Engineer 

Mark Salvino is a well rounded Software Engineer who will be assisting us with multiple projects coming down the pike.  Mark recently graduated from the University of Eastern Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with double minors, one in 3D Animation with another in design. Mark has a well rounded range of skills stemming from a good mix of coursework and professional development, but he is currently striving to become a Subject Matter Expert in .NET and PowerShell. When not working on his computer he enjoys hunting, fishing, and snowboarding. Mark is also a big college and professional football fan. If there is a big game Saturday or Sunday he watched it!

Mike Curn


QA Engineer 

Mike Curn
Mike an experienced Quality Assurance Engineer did not take the traditional route to becoming a software engineer and has multiple degrees in the entertainment field; an Associate Degree in Multimedia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Entertainment.  Mike has a passion for teaching and was an adjunct instructor for ITT Technical Institute teaching students effective methods of utilizing 3D Max, Unity3D, and UnrealEngine3. Prior work experience has lead Mike to become familiar with many aspects of QA, ranging from design review to manual and automated testing and test tracking. He would say manual testing, test tracking, and issue tracking would be his areas of specialization and why he chose QA as a career over 3D animation. One of his greatest accomplishments was being asked to learn HP Quality Center to instruct peers and colleagues how to have a better understanding of what the customer needs and how to better assist customers with QA related issues. For fun he enjoys hiking at Mt. Rainier, playing drums, teaching himself JavaScript to build game prototypes and dabbling in photography.  He also likes helping friends in the arts, he assisted a friend complete a film project in 50 hours for a local film competition.

Tim Weston


QA Project Lead, Project Manager 

Tim Weston comes to IntelliTect with extensive experience leading teams as a Quality Assurance Project Manager and Engineer.  Tim has over fifteen years of continuous Quality Assurance experience. He likes to joke that QA found him because it matches his personality!  A natural engineer, he loves to tear things apart completely and figure out a more efficient, better way to do things.  His expertise is increasing efficiency, planning, documenting and forecasting for the many projects he has led.  He is adept in many different technologies, not just Microsoft, his experience with UNIX, Linux and Perl will add high value to our already brilliant QA team. When Tim is not busy keeping up to date on the latest in QA, he works on his homestead which is a fully functioning farm.  Tim’s greatest accomplishments are his seven children and his beautiful wife.  He has fully admitted and is quite proud of being a big European board game geek!  Please welcome him to our team!

Grant Erickson


Senior Software Architect 

Grant Erickson
Results‐driven Senior Software Architect with a 19 year record of achievement. Uniquely skilled at designing and implementing large scale multi‐million dollar software initiatives with a special emphasis in high level government software projects. Starting from scratch, gathering both military and civilian requirements, has the ability to design, architect, and build unifying and easy‐to‐use interfaces that will easily integrate multiple complex engineering tool suites. This Senior Architect is a confident leader who fosters employee growth and development in any business setting. He has proven ability to provide high level technical vision and direction for any complex software project in a secure environment. Extensive experience in security features and managing high level software projects through their entire life cycle including: inception, design, development, deployment, evolution and maintenance. When Grant is not busy juggling multiple projects at once he enjoys spending time with his very talented and wonderful family. They are a very active family who really enjoy spending time together, music, theater and spending time outdoors on their gorgeous property.

Kevin Bost


Software Engineer 

Kevin Bost
Working almost exclusively with Microsoft technologies for the majority of his career Kevin was a clear choice for IntelliTect. His current goal is working towards earning his MCSD certification. For now he will have to settle for his three other degrees in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics, Associate of Science Transfer Degree and an Associate of Art Degree graduating with honors in all four areas of expertise. Kevin has built and released a Windows Desktop version of the Bible+ (an ereader) almost exclusively in C# and WPF, as well as, building and releasing a Windows Store version of the same ereader in JavaScript and HTML. He is somewhat of an expert in C# having just passed his Windows C# exam.  He would say one of his greatest accomplishments was successfully completing a 1,000 mile motorcycle trip and welcomes questions on where he has traveled! He loves playing ultimate Frisbee, online gaming, programming and spending time with his wife.

Stephanie LaBrosse


QA Engineer 

Heidi Smith
Stephanie LaBrosse is a dedicated and passionate software test professional with ~15 years combined experience in software test and test management. This Eastern Washington grad loves to actively promote innovation which leads to improved software testing practices and methodologies. She is a born leader and thrives on collaboration, teamwork, and work environments that promote coaching/mentoring which ultimately leads to positive employee engagement and career development. If you were to ask Stephanie what is her greatest accomplishment, she would laugh and say, staying sane while working full-time and keeping up with her three active kids and their busy athletic schedules! She loves to push herself and has completed two Tough Mudders and looks forward to maybe someday completing a full marathon! ;)

Jason Peterson


Senior Software Engineer 

Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson has earned two degrees from Saint Martin's College: a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Math. After graduation Jason began a career with Microsoft that spanned over twelve years. His specialty included working primarily in mobile software development, specifically Windows Phone / Windows Mobile. Jason worked several years on multiple mobile technologies including compilers, storage device drivers, SDK sample development, health/performance, which makes him quite an expert in the Windows Mobile platform. Since coming to IntelliTect, Jason has worked on several different projects for a large utility company. On these projects, he applied his extensive knowledge of C#, SQL Server, and Oracle databases to build efficient, reliable systems for utility processing. Additionally, he recently designed and implemented an entire automated load testing solution for a very large billing and Enterprise Asset Management project using HP LoadRunner, C#, and a custom SQL Server database. Jason would say his greatest career accomplishments included work he did to successfully complete several releases for the Windows Phone operating system. Outside of work, his greatest accomplishment would have to be his wife, and two beautiful children. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, basketball, baseball and developing mobile software.

Chris Finlayson


Senior Software Architect 

Chris Finlayson
Chris Finlayson loves working on a variety of challenging engineering problems across different industries. Chris has an equal amount of experience doing algorithm development, large scale enterprise software architecture/development and database engineering specializing in Microsoft technologies. Chris’s two primary focuses range from technical project management to high level software engineering. Chris has a BS in Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude, from UMass-Amherst. He has worked for various startup companies and consulting firms in public, private and government / military sectors. Outside of work, Chris enjoys a balanced, active lifestyle by spending time with his finest accomplishment: his family. He is very fortunate to have a lovely, caring, supporting wife and together they enjoy raising their two sons. They hike, bike and enjoy being outdoors.



UI/UX Designer 

Zac Jones
Zac Jones has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a Masters in Administrative Leadership. Zac has over ten years in web/user interface design and has won The Spark Excellence Award four times; 2011, 2009 and two in 2008, which include three website design awards and one for an email campaign. Zac has extensive experience creating dynamic and interactive websites, as well as, creating advertising strategies, email marketing campaigns, branding and web promotions at the regional and international levels. If asked what his greatest accomplish was he too would say his family and children. Zac loves doing anything outdoors with his family, hiking and playing baseball and basketball in his free time.


Not only did I enjoy the overview of multiple features, but this was also useful for developers and QA as well!
- Seminar Attendee, Visual Studio 2010, Spokane, WA
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