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IntelliTect Scholarship

IntelliTect is on the lookout for the innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow. Our scholarship is open to high school seniors and college freshman who are eager to dive into complex challenges with their bright minds and creative spirits. Whether you’re already immersed in coding, contemplating a future in Computer Science or Engineering, or simply passionate about making a difference through technology, we want to hear from you.

Our mission is to nurture the best and brightest talents by supporting your educational journey. We’re committed to building a diverse community of scholars, valuing a wide range of perspectives and experiences that drive innovation and excellence in our field.

While we encourage applications from a diverse pool of candidates, including female and minority students, to enrich our community, all eligible students are welcome to apply. Our goal is to discover and invest in potential future leaders and innovators who share our passion for technology and problem-solving.

Past IntelliTect Scholar Grand Prize Winners

IntelliTect Scholar 2023 Winner – Tayla Eliason

Tayla Eliason, a proud 2023 IntelliTect Scholar awardee, is set to pursue her passion for Computer Science. With a project that blended coding with language learning under her belt, she’s eyeing a future in software development, ideally within the Spokane community.

This summer, Tayla is excited to intern with IntelliTect, taking a significant step towards her career goals.
As Cade gears up for a future where he can make a real-world impact, IntelliTect is eager to back his journey, starting with a summer internship to hone his skills.

IntelliTect Scholar 2023 Winner – Cade Conklin

Cade Conklin, celebrated as a 2023 IntelliTect Scholar, is on a mission to merge his love for STEM and community service. His unique approach to using technology for societal good shines through in a standout data structures project—a zombie apocalypse simulator.

IntelliTect Scholar Grand Prize Winner 2022 – Ben Schreiber

Ben graduated from Cheney High School in the class of 2022. He plans to study computer science at Washington State University this upcoming fall.

Ben is spending this summer interning with IntelliTect and hopes to work as a software engineer in the future. Read more HERE.

IntelliTect Scholar Grand Prize Winner 2022, Ben Schreiber, accepts his certificate from CTO Grant Erickson.
intellischolar egg toss
IntelliTect Scholar Finalists compete in the egg toss activity during the 2021 IntelliScholar event.

The Spring 2024 Scholarship Application is Live!

The scholarship competition has two rounds. After submitting this application, we invited the round one finalists to a gathering in Spokane at IntelliTect. We awarded them a $100 scholarship toward their college education. Then, we selected up to three finalists out of that group to win an additional $400 scholarship and enter a mentor/mentee relationship with an IntelliTect engineer. Apply for the scholarship HERE.

Scholarship Career Benefits

The most significant benefit to the recipient is the opportunity to create a long-term relationship and contact with people in the tech industry. IntelliTect can provide guidance and mentorship throughout the student’s college experience. Building a network of professionals can enhance their marketability for their future careers.

intellischolar finalist
IntelliTect Scholar Grand Prize Winner 2021, Emma Spence, accepts her certificate from CEO Mark Michaelis.
intellischolar name placard

Our Scholarship Cheat Sheet

Here’s the press release on our 2022 IntelliTect Scholar Grand Prize Winner. Also, check out Allen Monroe’s article on our efforts to increase diversity in tech. Review the questions from the 2024 application to start preparing your answers.

We are happy to answer questions emailed to