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High-quality Software in a Shorter Development Life Cycle

IntelliTect has many years of experience supporting all aspects of an Agile DevOps process. Whether you are targeting Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or on-premise, our team can quickly help you reap the benefits of mature DevOps processes, including continuous integration and deployment. Knowing Git, GitHub, Azure DevOps, and many other tools is our business. We can help your business thrive whether you’re located near us in Spokane, Washington, or elsewhere.

New to DevOps?
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DevOps is the glue that holds a development team and operations team together. Check out our blog, Starting the DevOps Journey, to determine if integrating your teams makes sense for your company.

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Ready for Next Steps? Take Our Agile Quiz!

Many organizations are practicing agile with fantastic results. However, sometimes results are less than stellar. Assess your company’s agile practices with this quick checklist.

We Specialize in Azure DevOps and GitHub Migrations

Are you looking to migrate from existing DevOps platforms? IntelliTect has experience with many DevOps tools. We can help your team determine the right-sized solution to optimize your DevOps processes. There is a myriad of tooling options. 

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From project planning and source code management to continuous integration and deployment and monitoring, GitLab is a complete agile DevOps platform for Git


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It is essential to consider both apparent aspects and hidden time consumers when looking at options. Factors like features, concept count, administration, and maintenance are critically important. We can help!

Our Experience with the Cloud

As a Microsoft Gold DevOps Partner and an Amazon Web Services consulting partner, we stay up to date on their platforms to consistently deliver the best service to our clients. We love the cloud and understand the need for on-premise functionality as well. At IntelliTect, we stay current on cloud platforms to help you make the best decisions for your business.

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Some of Our DevOps Projects

  • Migrated on-premises Jira to Azure DevOps Services for a large enterprise in Spokane, Washington.
  • Created an enterprise AWS integration infrastructure with fully automated deployment for a Fortune 100 company in the Mid-West United States.
  • Implemented a source control and deployment strategy for enterprise Oracle application for a utility in Spokane, Washington.
  • Developed tooling to support DevOps in the Oracle Utility suite by tracking configuration changes in source control.
  • Created an automated test and deployment infrastructure in Azure DevOps for a national healthcare organization.

Check out our DevOps Products

Through IntelliTect’s many years of DevOps experience, we have created several automated tools to ease specific DevOps pain points. Our enterprise DevOps suite contains several applications that address specific issues you may encounter in your DevOps Journey.

  • Myriad gives you a cost-effective view into managing your enterprise.
  • Trellis makes moving configuration data visual and easy
  • Carbon enables complex data replication for testing
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What’s the Cost-Benefit?

An Agile project embraces the fact that we know the least about a project when it starts. We begin by identifying use cases and stories needed to create a minimum viable product (MVP). From here, we create a rough estimate of the size of each story.

The work is then prioritized, and work begins. Every few weeks, new features are produced and demonstrated with the customer providing feedback. The plan is then adjusted accordingly. Using continuous integration and deployment allows for fast feedback from customers and users.

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As more work is completed, the amount of time to complete features becomes more consistent, and within a few iterations, we can establish a reasonable estimate of time and cost. The customer has complete control over the process, both in its transparency and in guiding the order in which work is done to maximize feedback and ROI.

Consider this: with an agile project, your team creates an MVP that is usable and testable as soon as possible. Once created, it can be improved upon with additional stories according to client specifications and priorities. Once the MVP is established, the time and cost required to complete the project are fairly fixed, allowing for the true cost of the project to be known early on. Unless resources are unlimited, this is an ideal scenario from a management perspective.

Still unsure about an agile process? Check out this article from Forbes.

DevOps FAQ

Meet Some of Our Agile Team

Phil Spokas, IntelliTect, Spokane, Washington
Phil Spokas – VP of Professional Services
IntelliTect, Spokane, Washington, Megan Woodford
Meg Woodford – Jira Tooling Expert
I would recommend, without hesitation, the use of IntelliTect consultants on your project where achieving results on budget and in a timely manner are keys to your success.
Greg Jones Ph.D., Program Manager of Project Compass, Avista