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Developer Tools

Are You Up-to-Date on 
Programming Best 

We know what developer tools matter and what is going to be obsolete. Our architects are leaders in their fields and know what it takes to create a successful product that will stand the test of time. 

Frameworks change. Languages evolve. Even the most skilled developers need to work at staying on the cutting edge or risk falling behind.  

Not sure where to start?

Here are a few of the tools created and used by our IntelliTeam daily. We hope they help simplify your projects. If you find the tools helpful, please share them.

Also, let us know what you’d like to learn about, or contact us with suggestions for future meetup topics. We’re always looking for the next great idea.  

developer tools Advice from IntelliTect Senior Software Engineer Kelly Adams, "Learn Vim and keep a journal"
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Tech Blog

Our blog is read daily by hundreds of developers around the world. We cover cutting-edge tech, discuss management strategy, and lay out how-to solutions for multiple situations. Our authors are all experts in their fields. We feature Microsoft MVPs, a Microsoft RD, software architects, senior SDETs, and more to help you solve your most challenging problems. 


Our quarterly newsletter has several columns that discuss what we’re doing and who our team is. We also cover various tech or management subjects in every issue. If you’re interested in working in the tech field or with us specifically, this is an excellent place to learn about our culture, the industry, and what we do for our clients.

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Our rapid-development code generation framework reduces the time needed to build applications. It automates laborious tasks such as API plumbing, security, callback, data binding, view models, controls, enumeration mapping, saving, and serialization – and it’s free! The tool is open-ended, so you can build on top of it or around it to meet your needs. 

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What Our Readers Say

Hey! I cannot express to you how many websites and tutorials I’ve been to over the past few days, which just did not work time and time again. This one, whilst kind of seeming scary to an amateur, did work straight away! Thanks a lot :D 
Sam, comment on our blog How to Fix the NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Error

Coding Conventions

Our team codes differently, but we follow a set of coding guidelines. Having a straightforward convention with tooling support significantly improves your code base’s readability. Check out why we follow these guidelines, and if you’re looking for a good place to start your own set of conventions, check out our team’s guidelines on GitHub.

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IntelliTect GitHub

Access our useful tools, repositories, libraries, scripts, modules, guidelines, and more on our GitHub page. Most accessed items include the source code for the Essential C# book series, Coalesce – our framework to help you quickly build an amazing site, a toolbox for PowerShell scripts and modules, and our library focused on NuGet packages.

What Our Readers Say

Having been a .NET developer for almost 20 years, I still learned things from this book. It covers things well and provides good examples. I keep it handy for reference and I would recommend this book to my fellow developers.
Shawn C, 5 Star Amazon review of Essential .NET book

Tech User Groups

We sponsor three meetups focused on technology. While the meetups are located in Spokane, Washington, they are often live-streamed and can be found on YouTube. Groups focus on .NET, Python, and DevOps. Recent topics include Visual Studio code, Raspberry Pi tips, machine learning intro, beginning Python, Terraform essentials, various developer tools, and DevOps service principals.