Complex software must be built on a solid foundation. Effective software architecture acts as a blueprint for the future solution and is a critical factor in developing long-lasting, maintainable, and extendable products. Building the right solution the first time can lead to lower risk for the product/product-owner and can lower the cost-of-ownership over the lifetime of the project.

IntelliTect conducts architectural engagements to produce high-quality software architecture detailing scope, layout, services, security, and deployment. Our services include a vertical slice implementation of the application – proving and modeling the architecture, jump-starting development, and increasing the extensibility/maintainability of the system.

Our Standard Technical Assessment is one or two day, on-premise engagement that provides: a high-level technical overview, recommendations based on our client’s individual needs, and a strategy that will promote the best possible outcomes.

Our Advanced Technical Assessment is a week-long, meticulous dive into our client’s technical and business needs and can conclude with training modules for the staff.

IntelliTect differentiates ourselves with our ability and attitude.  We get to the root of difficult problems and deliver the most appropriate solutions to address the problems while delivering services on-time and within the expected scope and budget.