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Software Architecture

Partnership is the Key to Software Design Success

We specialize in bringing your team’s vision into reality through holistic design, agile execution, and continuous feedback. 

Whether your project is just getting started, ready to grow, or needs help getting back on track, our team can help you achieve your goals. 

At IntelliTect, our skilled software engineers are passionate about solving hard problems with modern software solutions. Our process of listening first and creating an environment of dialog and transparency helps us to thoroughly understand your business and come alongside you as a trusted partner. 

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Our agile development  process puts you in the driver’s seat of IntelliTect’s high-performance team. With our flexible and reliable software development strategy, we make sure your vision becomes reality.
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We provide technical clarity to clients around the world. Our team has many years of experience in enterprise architecture, including product selection, implementation, and integration.
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Our architecture engagements start with listening, then our team guides you through the application architecture and development process needed for a successful project. We quickly solve problems to deliver solutions.

We engage with many types of customers from Fortune 50 companies to single-person startups. We customize our engagement strategy for each of our customers.

Custom Software Architecture

Do you have an idea for a software solution but don’t know where to start? We specialize in projects where we come alongside you as your trusted software development team.

Whether your idea is to improve your business or develop an entirely new revenue stream, our architects engage with you to create the application architecture that you need to help your dream become a reality. Whether this is an enterprise solution or a lean startup project, our team can help.

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Our Step-by-Step Process

The process starts with a complimentary consultation where we discuss your goals for the project. During this meeting, you will interact with IntelliTect architects and engineers, where we can begin gaining your trust by providing excellent technical value. 

From this discussion, we build a set of next steps and can provide an estimate of costs to move forward. Depending on the project, we may also be able to give you a very rough cost estimate or refer you to one of our customizable products.

Joint Architecture Design Session (JADS)

Our next step is typically a Joint Architecture Design Session (JADS), where we dive into detail about your project. We talk about potential users, core features, and technology choices during this time. This engagement typically lasts two weeks and delivers a technical roadmap and a core set of requirements to begin your software architecture project.

We hope that we can continue to partner with you using an agile development process; however, the deliverables from the JADS will help you regardless of your continued engagement with IntelliTect. We are committed to providing value at every step of the process.

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What Our Customers Say — Software Architecture

IntelliTect has been a joy to work with. They are more than capable, professional, flexible, and have helped us achieve a level of technical sophistication that I truly don’t think we could have achieved on our own, in such a short time.
Andy Arndt, Senior Developer, Phillips 66
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Case Studies

We focus on delivering value to your organization. Check out how we helped clients like you achieve their software architecture goals in our case studies.

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We believe that all good relationships are based on trust. We have a partner process that intentionally builds this one piece at a time.

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How We Deliver

You may be looking for help determining the initial direction and technical options for a project, or you may be looking for a software architecture partner with a proven track record of success. Whatever your needs, Our IntelliTeam is committed to working with you to help you execute with confidence. For our other services, check out our technology consulting.

Software Architecture FAQ

Need a Custom Strategy?

Let’s chat about your organization’s technical needs and how we can execute your vision!