The Microsoft .NET Framework Software Architecture

IntelliTect enables companies to achieve efficient and effective collaboration, corporate publishing and enterprise content management (ECM).

Using Microsoft SharePoint IntelliTect has worked on both large corporate Internet sites such as, in addition to Intranet portals and enterprise SharePoint applications. IntelliTect’s best practice experience with ALM extends to SharePoint development including the automated testing for consistent quality, continuous unattended build, code quality monitoring and requirement tracking using work items.

IntelliTect services include SharePoint deployment and upgrading, Internet/intranet portal and application development, along with SharePoint consulting and training.

Best Practice Application Life Cycle Management

The inability to deliver quality software solutions on time, on scope, and within budget is legendary. IntelliTect’s proven best practice approach to application life-cycle management (ALM) consistently overcomes this problem. From the concept phase onwards, IntelliTect offers and delivers training, consulting and implementation using state of the art software -Visual Studio ALM (VS ALM) and Team Foundation Server (TFS). With these tools, we achieve:

  • Project tracking and monitoring – requirements are stored as hierarchical work items with workflow designated state transitions. Up to the moment reporting provides health monitoring on everything from project status and scope to code quality.
  • Product quality – using continuous integration with gated check-ins, source code is constantly monitored for quality. Automated unit testing ensures that new code doesn’t break established functionality.

IntelliTect services include TFS deployment and upgrade, automated build with MSBuild & Team Build, unit testing, functional testing, and lab management with Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and Microsoft Lab Manager (MLM).

Software Architecture Consulting

In partnership with IDesign, IntelliTect conducts architectural engagements to produce software architecture detailing scope, layout, services, security, and deployment. IntelliTect services include a vertical slice implementation of the application – proving and modeling the architecture and jump-starting development.

Integration and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Development

IntelliTect provides Microsoft BizTalk solutions for integration and migration of large enterprise applications as well as business-to-business transactions. These solutions include ALM practices such as automated deployment and testing. Integrations include the use of line-of-business adapters and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Microsoft frequently calls on IntelliTect to write white papers and speak at conferences.

Utility Analysis Services

IntelliTect’s technical and business services are designed to provide strategic direction in the complex arena of energy and resource supply and utilization. In a world where concern for our planet has become a political imperative there is a wide array of both established and innovative technology.

Utilities, the construction industry and energy consumers are seeking services to find and compare technologies and solutions that best fit their requirements, to evaluate their cost, effectiveness and timelines and to consider and compare the risk and performance in their particular business. IntelliTect provides this service. A typical scenario might be:

  • Document the client’s priorities and business imperatives and evaluate projects already in hand.
  • In partnership with Connection Research, undertake primary research of client’s customers via surveys followed by market modeling analyses in the fields of consumer and community sustainability.
  • Research technologies that best fit the business needs of the client with particular concern for cost/performance, time frame, risk and the potential impact of candidate technologies on each other.
  • Prepare a nodal framework of existing and candidate technologies and set up a dynamic mathematical relationship that relates cost, risk, performance and time to implement for each candidate technology.
  • Use this model to test a range of options and estimate the likelihood of success, the overall performance and the time frame for each “What if?” This process facilitates the building and optimization of a strategic technical road map for the company.
  • Over time and as technologies are implemented, the model is revisited to adjust the road map for delays or cancellations, new technology developments and changing market and business imperatives


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