WaterStreet Company approached IntelliTect, with whom they have had a business relationship for the past two years, to come up with a web-based solution to make their insurance systems scalable. The value-added reseller of property and casualty insurance systems required an integrated solution to grow their business beyond the original customer base. For each customer, WaterStreet has provided a customized solution.  Therefore, implementing even simple policy changes, required WaterStreet personnel to modify each system individually. To address this, WaterStreet wanted a web-based single solution that would work with their third-party systems and provide a scalable architecture.


IntelliTect recommended a multi-tenant approach using MongoDB as the database backbone. MongoDB is a fast-growing database solution that uses dynamic schemas in an object-oriented environment, making use of an easy-to-use, easy-to-read data interchange format. MongoDB treats data as objects and allows customers to configure individual fields. The IntelliTect solution uses OData – an open standard data protocol that allows data to be queried and to interoperate with other systems in a standardized way. The multiple server solution also uses database sharding, which balances information on a server infrastructure to allow data balance and proportional distribution among multiple customers. In addition, IntelliTect has provided training and best practice guidance to WaterStreet Company personnel as well as the MongoDB scalable architectural solution.


WaterStreet Company has used a prototype MongoDB system since July 2015. The user interface provides configurable fields in a drag-and-drop interface so that each customer can apply their own business rules to produce documents with the look, touch and feel they want.

IntelliTect has trained WaterStreet personnel to apply and use MongoDB to set up the multi-tenant back-end system structure and provide a configurable easy-to-use interface. MongoDB provides WaterStreet with a document-oriented system that allows for ad hoc queries, indexing, replication, load balancing, file storage, batch processing and aggregation, and fixed-sized collections. With the open-source MongoDB system, WaterStreet is poised to serve its clients’ needs with an updated, fast and scalable system.