Our Passion for Giving

Giving our all doesn’t stop with our team and our clients. We want to give freedom to those without hope through our partnership with organizations fighting to eliminate poverty and injustice both locally and worldwide. We are committed to devoting a significant portion of our profits to the fight against extreme poverty worldwide. Through our giving, we fight to end injustice by helping those without other options because all people deserve to be treated with dignity. 

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We Are Making a Worldwide Impact

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Our children will be less prone to hunger once our cow calves because we will have enough milk to supplement the staple food, and we will generate income from selling the surplus and are expecting our pig to farrow in three months, we will sell piglets, and the return will be spent on basic home necessities and school fees for our children. I am certain that my family’s life condition will not be the same.

Emmanuel - Gitwa Village