IntelliTect supports La Escuela Integrada in Antigua, Guatemala

10447830_408214742653126_4910505836169156686_nDuring Spring 2014, Mark and Elisabeth Michaelis, the owners of IntelliTect, took their family to Antigua, Guatemala for a vision trip analyzing business and philanthropy opportunities. While there, they toured both campuses of La Escuela Integrada, a school offering free education to children unable to pay the school fees required for Guatemala's "free public education". Many of these students live in desperate circumstances without access to clean water and limited access to daily meals. La Escuela Integrada provides these children with access to excellent education, as well as two meals a day, clean water, and life skills counseling. Without La Escuela Integrada, these children would most likely be malnourished, illiterate, and living on the streets. Many of their graduates have gone on to higher education and have started businesses in the neighborhoods near the school[...] Read more

World Relief Spokane and IntelliTect Welcome Refugees

WRSpo_facebook_image_400x400In addition to its work around the globe, World Relief has been chosen by the United States government to be one of the organizations to sponsor legal refugee settlement into the US. The World Relief Spokane office welcomes hundreds of refugees from all of the world to the Spokane area each year. IntelliTect is excited to support World Relief Spokane's efforts to help these refugees find a safe place to live, get a job that suits their talents, improve their language skills and legally gain US citizenship if they desire. We help sponsor the Matching Grant program which offers loans to qualifying refugees in order to help them become self-sufficient within six months of their arrival in Spokane. This program is more than 90% successful in achieving this goal. More importantly, the City of Spokane, Washington State and the Federal Government have saved millions[...] Read more

IntelliTect Giving Priorities and Values

IntelliTect is deeply committed to using a significant portion of our profits to improve the quality of life for people with needs in our local community and around the world. We designate some of our time, expertise, and profits for projects in our own neighborhoods of Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington. We also target debilitating poverty around the world by thoughtfully partnering with other organizations. The following guidelines help us determine what type of projects to fund and in which locations to focus our time and energy.
  • IntelliTect chooses to fund projects that focus on the most desperate poverty. People in the communities we partner with often survive on less than a few dollars a day. Many of them lack access to clean water, sufficient food, safe shelter, and sanitation facilities. Many have no income at all.
  • Our international projects improve access to basic life needs like water, food, shelter,sanitation, health care, education, justice and safety.
  • Locally, we give financial support and time to organizations that help people needing safe housing, reliable food resources, and counseling.
  • When possible, we build a[...] Read more

IntelliTect Partners with Compassion International

Compassion_logo IntelliTect partners with Compassion International to bring basic life needs, education and counseling to children and their moms around the world. Some of our employees have chosen to join Compassion International's worldwide child-sponsorship program that matches families with a child in poverty. These employees trade letters, pictures and special gifts back and forth between themselves and their sponsor children. As a company, IntelliTect has been the sole sponsor of two of Compassion International Child Survival Programs in sub-Saharan Africa since 2011. These Child Survival Programs combat the high rate of infant mortality by teaching skills and strategies to mothers and families so they can raise their infant children successfully. These programs also provide necessary food and materials to[...] Read more

Building Infrastructure in Kirindon, Kenya

World-Vision-LogoSince 2011, IntelliTect has joined with a small number of Northwest based individuals and companies to fund the Water, Sanitation, and Health (WASH) program in Kirindon, Kenya. The community of Kirindon, which is about 250 miles west of Nairobi, is a rural, poverty stricken community that has been severely lacking in access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. World Vision’s WASH project has made great progress toward reducing the number of water borne diseases by bringing clean drinking water and latrines to schools, hospitals and many homes in the community. This multi-year project has changed the quality of life for tens of thousands of people in this region of Kenya. World Vision hires and trains local community leaders to plan, manage, implement and assess the success of the WASH[...] Read more

Hearth Homes Spokane Valley

Hearth Homesis a home for Moms and children in poverty or seeking safety from domestic violence. Hearth Homes first opened in 2003 in Spokane, WA when Karen Fournier, having experienced addiction, homelessness and despair found freedom from all of those in Christ. In her vision and desire to see other women gain that freedom, Hearth Homes was formed. Hearth Homes moved to Spokane Valley in 2009 to become the only transitional home providing services to women and children in the city. Today, Hearth Homes has two houses located next door to each other with space for up to eight Moms and their children and a live in house manager. While the women are staying at Hearth Homes they have access to parenting classes, substance abuse, financial and personal issue counseling, and all[...] Read more

IntelliTect and Spokane Valley Partners

Spokane Valley Partners Resource Center is the single location, “one stop shopping” facility for people experiencing poverty in the Spokane Valley. They have a well stocked food bank, a clothing bank, routine medical support and counseling available, utility assistance and job counseling along with other services. IntelliTect is proud to work with Spokane Valley Partners because of the efficient manner in which they serve the neediest people of Spokane Valley. Our employees volunteer their time and talents at Spokane Valley Partners in a variety of ways. We also gave specific financial support to the new community garden being built by Spokane Valley Partners so their food bank has a reliable and consistent source of fresh vegetables. Our community needs the proactive poverty prevention work done by the volunteers at Spokane Valley Partners and IntelliTect is proud to join with them. Together[...] Read more

Leadership for Northwest Connect

Food Bank food photo On the Northside of Spokane, in the Hillyard neighborhood, Northwest Connect offers people a local food bank, non food pantry items like soap, dish soap, shampoo and other toiletries as well as summer day programs for children. Because the Hillard neighborhood has the lowest per capita income of any neighborhood in Washington state, the work of Northwest Connect is especially important. Several members of IntelliTect's team volunteer at Northwest Connect with the non-food pantry on a regular basis. We have also provided some financial backing to Northwest Connect so they can consistently keep the services open for the people of Hillyard who need support. At the invitation of Northwest Connect, IntelliTect's Chief Technical Architect Mark Michaelis has served on the Board of Trustees for Northwest Connect. During[...] Read more

Local Homeless Programs

Union Gospel Mission SpokaneIntelliTect provides support to Union Gospel Mission and Anna Ogden Hall to join their work serving the men, women and children who are homeless in our community.  UGM provides short and long term shelter, protection from domestic violence, access to food, clothing and other necessities as well as substance abuse counseling and job training.  They also operate a long term shelter in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for women and children to receive counseling, housing and other support programs.  UGM offers job placement to people who complete training and counseling in their thrift stores and automotive repair and sales businesses. Read more

Educating Children in Sawla, Ghana

IntelliTect's latest project with International Assistance Programbegan when we heard the Sawla Children's Home in Sawla, Ghana needed a new building. Many of the children in the home were attending school for the first time and a larger home for orphans could offer more children the same opportunity. During 2012, IntelliTect and IAP joined with local Ghanaian leaders to build a new residential home on six acres that is also for agriculture. The enlarged Children's Home was completed in early 2013 and now serves over a hundred children. The agricultural land is being used to train school children in farming techniques and to provide food for the people attending the school. Read more

Supporting Refugees through Education in the Horn of Africa

partners international.png webPartners International is a unique Christian aid organization dedicated to giving assistance to local aid groups around the world. Rather than sending people from the US to areas struggling with poverty, Partners International provides strategic and tactical planning assistance to local leaders. IntelliTect has joined with Partners International to provide basic needs kits to aid groups in difficult to serve regions like the Horn of Africa. The local aid workers are able to distribute basic life needs like food, drinking water, tents, immunizations and medical attention. These local groups are able to bring help even in regions inaccessible to international aid groups because of unstable governments or threats of terrorism. Starting in 2013, IntelliTect has begun to fund a long term effort to build[...] Read more

Food for the Hungry in Central Africa

food_for_the_hungryFood for the Hungry is best known for its work as a primary food and medicine distributor for USAid in Africa. During the past two years, IntelliTect has joined Food for the Hungry in an interesting partnership to sponsor high profile Christian music concerts around the United States. These concerts provide an opportunity for Food for the Hungry to offer people the chance to sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry's child sponsorship program. Thousands of children have been sponsored throughout the world as a result of these concerts. In 2009, IntelliTect was invited to join Food for the Hungry as they built the New Life Center in Uganda to provide protection, counseling, job skills, and other support to women and families devastated by the civil war in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This conflict has been on-going for decades and is sometimes[...] Read more

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