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IntelliTect Celebrates Local Scholarship Winners

Finalists of First Company-sponsored Scholarship Enjoy an Evening at the IntelliTect Office

Spokane, WA (August 7, 2021) – IntelliTect hosted their first-annual IntelliTect Scholars celebration. Four Spokane high school students were recognized for their academic excellence and interest in computer science. The scholars are the finalists of the first company-sponsored scholarship. The scholarship aims to provide high school juniors and seniors from diverse backgrounds with resources, professional relationships, mentorship, and money for academics.

The IntelliTect team was inspired to offer a Spokane-based college scholarship after noticing a gap between high school STEM classes and computer science lecture halls. Discussed in early April 2021 by IntelliTect’s Culture Crew, the scholarship evolved from ideation to a two-hour in-person event.

2021 IntelliTect Scholars

Hannah Foster, Tristain Krzyzanek, Emma Spence, and Caleb were invited to the office to receive their $100 scholarship checks and certificates of recognition. A selection of these students were offered the opportunity for long-term mentorship through IntelliTect. Ultimately, IntelliTect selected one student for the additional grand prize of $400.

2021 IntelliTect Scholar winner Emma Spence, the scholarship grand prize winner, receives her certificate of recognition from IntelliTect CEO Mark Michaelis.

“Last night was tons of fun,” said Emma Spence, Class of 2021 Lakeside High School graduate. “The few hours I was there showed me how exciting and genuine it is to be a part of your team.”

Finalists received a tour of the IntelliTect building and advice about computer science careers from Mark Michaelis. Multiple IntelliTect software engineers spoke about day-to-day experiences and offered to mentor the students throughout their college and professional careers.

Scholarship finalists tour the office
Mark Michaelis gives the scholarship finalists a tour of the Intellitect office.

“Thanks to all the help of the scholarship team, I’m confident we should repeat the event,” Mark said. “Long term, the ideal goal of such a program is to increase the diversity of software engineers at IntelliTect. Given that our target is upperclassmen in high school, it is too early to measure the success of our long-term goal, but we are certainly headed in the right direction.”

2022 Applications will be Accepted

Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship when the application reopens late next academic year.

For more information, please contact:
Nicole Glidden

About Intellitect
IntelliTect Corporation is a high-end software architecture and development consulting firm based in Spokane, Washington. The team provides full-cycle software architecture, from ideation to final product. Their expert software developers, including Microsoft MVPs and an RD, provide excellence in Microsoft development technologies through coding, training, and consultation with special expertise in SharePoint, BizTalk, WPF, multithreading, and Azure DevOps.

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