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The IntelliTect Approach

A core belief of our IntelliTect team is that improvement is always possible. We know people, and the organizations they comprise, have amazing potential to fulfill their greatest ambitions. 

A “be the best you can be” attitude permeates not only who our IntelliTect team is, but also what we do. We encourage team members to achieve more than they thought they were capable of, to expand their sphere of influence, and to pursue excellence in whatever they set out to do. 

This causes us to strive for excellence in the solutions we create for our clients, which, in turn, helps our clients fulfill their own potential. 

At IntelliTect, our passion for innovation manifests itself primarily in technology and software development. We provide high-end architecture consulting, full life-cycle software development, and training that enables our clients to solve their most challenging problems.  

Our expert principal and senior engineers specialize in the latest technologies, including: 

We work with local clients, provide remote and virtual assistance as well as travel worldwide to help clients in multiple industries including, but not limited to: utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and insurance.

Our Mission

The IntelliTect mission is to be phenomenal people achieving excellence in innovative solutions.

We accomplish our mission by daily turning to our Core Values. We also believe that our excellence should extend beyond our current project and that we have an obligation to help those that need it most. Click here for more about our philanthropic efforts. 

IntelliTect Company picture 2019 outside at the annual company picnic
Our team poses for a quick picture during our 2019 summer BBQ.
IntelliTect founders, Mark and Elisabeth Michaelis, smiling in welcome
Our Founders - Mark and Elisabeth Michaelis

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