A Powerful Tool to Build Relationships and Reduce Paperwork

ICMS: crisis nursery software by IntelliTect in Spokane, Washington. It's a paperless system for childcare management workers
Woman holding app of ICMS, IntelliTect's crisis nursery software
“The paperwork was clogging up our relationship with parents. Now we have eleven more minutes to grow our relationships. That’s how change happens.”
Amy Knapton Vega
Executive Director, Vanessa Behan

Every Child's Story is Unique

With ICMS, IntelliTect’s intake and case management system for childcare providers, the story of a child’s stay is tracked in an app that provides accurate and timely data and reports for caregivers and parents. As a bonus, this crisis nursery software simplifies state-mandated reporting. Your caregivers can reduce time spent on paperwork using this paperless system and instead focus on providing the best childcare management possible.

childcare workers can focus on what matters with IntelliTect's paperless system
Childcare management doesn't have to be overly complicated. IntelliTect's crisis nursery software is fully-customizable to meet specific needs

And Anything But Predictable

A child’s stay at a nursery or day care generally starts with a check-in process documenting special notes and concerns from the parent, followed by a stay packed full of activities, and ends with the child’s safe return to parents. But, despite routine, each child’s day is different. With the easy-to-use ICMS app, you can accurately record these details in real-time.

With ICMS, Moments Matter

The ICMS crisis nursery software was designed side-by-side with the Vanessa Behan crisis nursery team. This intuitive system simplifies the manual intake processes, so you have more time to grow relationships. With ICMS childcare management, you eliminate the need for paper documents by handling intake and discharge, scheduling, stay information, and reporting in one easy-to-use app.

Crisis nursery software makes the day to day simpler and easier to maintain

A paperless system?
It's possible!

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The ICMS End-to-End Process

The ICMS paperless system works for everything from intake to discharge making this crisis nursery software a one-stop solution for all your childcare needs
Track calls and scheduling within the ICMS paperless system

Calls and Scheduling

Organize and catalog all calls received in this easy-to-use paperless system. Stay in compliance with staff-to-child ratio by viewing real-time staff availability. See who is coming, who is already here, who will be leaving, and who has recently left.

Use televisions throughout your childcare center to display info from the paperless system to simplify childcare management

Status Board

This large television is an important safety feature that limits risk and displays vital information on children via easy to recognize icons that denote needed medications, allergies, and other pertinent information.
follow up and family records icons

Follow Up and Family Records

Stores up-to-date information on each family’s children and allows for ongoing notes on staff interactions.
The ICMS crisis nursery software helps childcare management workers with all intake and discharge needs

Intake & Discharge

Once and done! Information is gathered during the child’s first visit then saved and confirmed during future visits. Checking in and out is a breeze with a list of current kids and their pick-up information.
meals etc icons

Meals, Feeding, Activities, Medications, and Diapers

Record, review, and modify notes and daily activities at the click of a button within the crisis nursery software. Quickly and accurately view which child has allergies (and what type).

“The solution that Grant and his team built has completely transformed the way the Nursery operates in such an awesome way.”​

Keith O’Brien

Development Director, Vanessa Behan

Curious what the ICMS crisis nursery software can do for your nursery or day care?