Now Hiring at IntelliTect

IntelliTect hires the best and brightest software engineers. Our primary focus is on providing architecture consulting, software development and training. This enables us to help our customers solve the most challenging of problems.

We employ principal and senior engineers, specializing in the latest Microsoft technologies. But beyond this, we are looking for dedicated engineering enthusiasts who want to use their talents in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Below you’ll also find a link to info on our hiring process, as well as a helpful video on formatting your resume!

Immediate Openings:

We’re currently conducting informational interviews with individuals who have the potential to be a good fit for upcoming opportunities at IntelliTect. We’re interested in highly motivated programmers with strong skills and the ability to work well individually or on a team. If you think you would be a great addition to our team, send your resume and cover letter to

Send your cover letter and resume to

Helpful Links & Videos

Click here to get a glimpse at What to Expect When Applying at IntelliTect


Need tips to build a strong resume?

We love the simplicity of this Google “how to” video’s explanation. The only big difference is we prefer a cover letter!

Note: how to write engineering and technical resumes starts at 5:28, but there are great tips interspersed throughout the entire video.