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About Us

IntelliTect is a high-end software development and architecture consulting firm that is actively seeking job candidates for our software development jobs in Spokane, Washington. Our CEO is a technical expert who understands the day-to-day life of the developer and strives to improve it. He’s a leader in the Microsoft community and knows what it takes to bring excellence to the table.

Our company focus is on enabling our customers to solve the most challenging problems. IntelliTect is dedicated to agile life-cycle management, and we deliver quality software solutions on time, on scope and within budget.

Mark and Jeremy Foster discuss C sharp on CodeChat
Mark (left) joins Jeremy Foster (right) at CodeChat | Channel 9 MSDN.
Two men falling down a slide as part of an obstacle course race at the IntelliTect company picnic
Brothers, Casey and Kenny, race for the prize in our inflatable obstacle course.

We have full-time software development careers in Spokane, Washington that we’re actively hiring for and are looking for team members with an attitude and aptitude to pursue and achieve excellence as well as the foundational knowledge and understanding of the position.

Valuable skills for every position

  • technical and leadership abilities
  • collaborate and innovate traits
  • a motivated drive
  • coachability
  • relational skills
  • positive temperament
  • emotional intelligence
  • bonus: a good sense of humor!

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Current Opportunities for Spokane Software Development Jobs

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Love C# development? We’re always hiring exceptional, full-time developers and senior developers.

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If you’re interested in multiple positions, please don’t apply for each of them on Indeed. Instead, send us your resume and cover letter and mention which ones you’re actively pursuing.