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Implementing Agile Practices with Axon


To expand their software development team and update their software development practices, Axon partnered with IntelliTect to implement agile development processes and make strategic improvements to their workflow. 

Axon’s desire to efficiently support an in-house development team and sell their workflow automation solution was inhibited before their partnership with IntelliTect. Overcoming the obstacles of limited resources, convoluted sprint plans, and ever-changing priorities allowed Axon to go to market with their initial product and focus on long-term maintainability.  


IntelliTect’s team of expert developers and certified Scrum Master provided development practices, code standards, code reviews, pipelines to compile software, test quality gates, and modern Agile practices to address the complications of lack of structure and ensure Axon’s long-term success. 

The IntelliTect team’s decades of technical expertise and familiarity with best practices matched Axon’s goal to unify their team and improve their development operations, modifying current development practices by beginning with refining the backlog and selecting a dedicated Product Owner for the team. 


To support Axon’s substantial software development efforts, IntelliTect’s team built a microservice to deploy into Azure infrastructure to process videos and handle a daily 2.5 terabyte load resulting from global uploads, delivering the product promptly.  

IntelliTect’s Scrum Master evaluated Axon’s team for agile improvements and curated an approach specific to their team dynamics and processes. The strong emphasis on refining user stories for at least two sprints in the backlog, conducting retrospectives, and acting on team feedback created harmony among the development team.  


IntelliTect successfully optimized Axon’s pre-existing workflow and implemented Agile practices, allowing Axon to achieve consistent production and feel confident in receiving expected features. The emphasis on Scrum significantly improved Axon’s ability to deliver and maintain velocity, ensure engagement, maximize productivity, and focus on priorities. 

IntelliTect’s team continues to support Axon in their SaaS development and additional user testing, guiding Axon through complex situations and guaranteeing success on a global scale. 

From where Axon’s team started pre-engagement to today, IntelliTect has reduced Axon’s development team’s total time spent on call, streamlined the daily standup, tracked critical discussions to make sure accountability of commitments is kept, transformed the environment to a fun team dynamic, and enabled a true self-directed team that is performing at a higher level. 

IntelliTect’s continual improvement of our processes, methods, and tools and years of experience developing leading-edge software, architectures, and agile development methods, make us the strongest candidate to implement Agile practices at a high level, as we know what it takes to collaborate effectively to create maintainable technical standards.