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Announcing, the Complete Expert Guide to C#

Expand Your Team’s Development Knowledge with this Free Online Comprehensive Tutorial and Code Repository!

IntelliTect is excited to announce the release of, an interactive and comprehensive guide to the C# coding language. The website contains all the content from the Essential C# book series written by Mark Michaelis, a world-class C# expert, Microsoft Regional Director, and Microsoft MVP, and it was reviewed by Microsoft MVP Kevin Bost and Microsoft’s C# lead designer, Mads Torgersen.

It includes everything developers need to master C# and is an excellent tool for beginners to experts. Additionally, the website discusses all versions of C#, including the features in C# 11. is designed to expand a developer’s C# knowledge regardless of their current experience level, allowing anyone to follow along and increase their skill set at their own pace. Team leaders can simplify training and reduce their oversight by referring their team members to utilize the website.

The home page for the website (pictured above) includes a brief introduction to the interactive guide, highlights web features coming soon, and a table of contents. Users can provide feedback to the site development team by selecting the speech bubble icon in the top right.

The Essential C# site uniquely presents a comprehensive tutorial and reference for the entire language, going beyond the Microsoft documentation, providing an accelerated learning opportunity to achieve expert C# programming skills regardless of skill level at the start.

The website development team plans to migrate their current C# coding guidelines to the website to help give directions to produce clean, consistent, and maintainable code. The guidelines include best practices and conventions for naming, formatting, commenting, and organizing code. By following these guidelines, users can easily avoid common mistakes and pitfalls leading to errors and bugs.

The C# website team is excited to continue developing this free resource for people to learn C# and become better C# developers. The repository for is accessible on IntelliTect’s GitHub.

About IntelliTect
IntelliTect Corporation is a high-end software architecture and development consulting firm based in Spokane, Washington. The team provides full-cycle software architecture, from ideation to final product. Their expert software developers, including Microsoft MVPs and an RD, provide excellence in Microsoft development technologies through coding, training, and consultation. The team has particular expertise in SharePoint, BizTalk, WPF, multithreading, and Azure DevOps.

Written by Nicole Glidden.

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