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"Giving Thanks" surrounded by Fall leaves

A Thanksgiving Thank You to Our Clients

Client Spotlight

As we approach Thanksgiving at IntelliTect, we’re thankful for our new corporate headquarters and a growing IntelliTect team. We are grateful for all of our new business across the country and the ongoing clients that we’ve partnered with for years.

Often, our individual team members appreciate the client teams they work with daily. Here are just a few team members bragging about the clients and teams they work with:

Phil Spokas
Phil Spokas, VP of Professional Services

I really appreciate the Microsoft Azure DevOps CAT team support. Ricardo, Dylan, Paul and Mickey in particular. They are very professional and are actively engaged in improving customer practices with or without Azure DevOps.

Sean Scura
Sean Scura, SDET

Collaborating and solving problems with our clients gives a sense of mind that we are making an impact on the community.

Allen Monroe
Allen Monroe, Senior Project Manager

I’m so thankful for my client’s team because I have complete trust that we will execute and support each other, over and over.

Cameron Osborn
Cameron Osborn, Software Engineer
Stay Alfred developers understand the development process. Josh in particular, is quick to provide what we need. As a young developer, it’s helpful to work with a client that understands that development isn’t a linear process, but rather peaks of progress followed by periods of smaller, yet continuous improvement.
Brian Uptagrafft
Brian Uptagrafft, Senior Software Engineer
The team at n2y is very genuine, affable and quick to help each other out. Victoria goes above and beyond. She’s knowledgeable, friendly and always eager to assist with anything the team needs to keep moving forward.
Chris Finlayson
Chris Finlayson, Senior Software Architect

Purcell has and continues to be, an absolute treat to work with. For the past four years, we have helped them realize their vision of a Manufacturing Execution System. Purcell’s Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Dan Woods, is the product owner and does an outstanding job providing us very specific, well thought out requirements. Dan also appreciates the complexities of enterprise software development and patiently listens and understands any technical hurdles we encounter. He often will help solve our technical problem by providing an alternative solution, or a different way of thinking of the problem.

Written by Erin Wissing.
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