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How Compassion International Works

What Compassion International is Doing to Make a Difference

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Compassion International uses an individualistic and comprehensive long term strategy to help children and their families escape poverty.  Compassion does this using a three stage approach based on the age of the child in need.  The first stage of Compassion’s effort is called a Child Survival Program.  This first stage offers interested pregnant Moms otherwise unavailable prenatal medical care and counseling, so their children are given the best possible start in life.  This care and support continues for the Mom and the baby during the difficult newborn months of life and continues throughout the toddler and pre-school years.  IntelliTect sponsors two Child Survival Programs; one in Tanzania and one in Kenya.

Once a child reaches school age, they are eligible for Compassion International’s Child Sponsorship programs.  These programs match sponsor families from Canada, the USA, western European countries and other developed countries around the world with children in less developed countries in Africa, the Americas, and Asia.  The key to this stage of Compassion’s program is the personal connection developed between the sponsor family and the child in need.   Compassion encourages personal contact like letters, visits if possible, and sometimes even phone calls which link the sponsor and the sponsored child.

For many children, their sponsorship lasts throughout their elementary school years until they become teenagers.  In most of these needy communities, children are unable to attend school beyond elementary, and so they exit the program to begin working and caring for their families.  Compassion, with help from the child’s sponsor, provides a solid foundation for success in the child’s local community.  Currently, Compassion International coordinates sponsors for over one million children in 26 countries.

Finally, for some interested sponsored children, Compassion offers a third stage of support designed to provide leadership training, educational opportunities, and specialized job training, so these young adults can become leaders in their local communities.  This stage is especially important because it helps local people develop the skills, strategies and desire to bring their community out of poverty and into a better future.

**Compassion International Important Information**

The current chairman of the board for Compassion International is Karen Kemps Wesolowski.  Dr. Wesley K. Stafford is the current President and CEO.

The name Compassion International was inspired by Jesus’ words “I have compassion on the multitude. I will not send them away hungry.” which can be found in Matthew chapter 15 verse 32.

Compassion International currently holds a rating of four stars (out of four) from Charity Navigator, a grade of “A” from the American Institute of Philanthropy and met the “20 Standards for Charity Accountability” from the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance.

Compassion International raised $443 million in 2011.  Of the $443 million Compassion International spent about 83% on programs.

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