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IntelliTect's core values at work

When Ropes Snap – Our Core Values at Work

IntelliTect’s Core Values

Our core values drive how we do business.

Software Innovation

Tug of war is a game for the ages, dating back thousands of years, in various iterations. With the historical endurance of this deceptively simple game, it might be a perfect analogy for what it takes to be an innovator in the software world. Our team discovered this the hard way at our annual summer barbecue when a weak rope snapped on two separate occasions, causing us to pause and reshape the tools of the game. In the end, we devised a way to send one side to victory and drag the other across the field.

Often, a company will have a vision for where a project should go, but the plan—the rope—is weak, and as soon as the platform for the vision is tested, it snaps, setting the company back and leaving disappointment in its wake. As a team, IntelliTect employees use our innovative abilities and design experience to strengthen the ‘rope’ our clients need to create successful end-products with lasting benefits. Just as tug of war has endured the test of time and met the needs of the day, so will the confidence we strive to encourage with our core values of passionate hard work, courageous honesty, and innovative excellence.

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Culture & Values

Our company maxim exemplifies what drives us and gives each team member a sense of ownership. We believe that passionate hard work paired with courageous honesty leads to innovative excellence. Each team member operates with a certain level of autonomy, which allows for greater inventiveness and acceptance of responsibility.

We’re passionate about solving problems, and that means we strive to deliver the best advice and results, not for ourselves but for our clients. In the face of difficult problems, we design creative, diplomatic solutions tailored to fit the needs of those who hire us. It is our culture of freedom, responsibility and encouraging innovation that leads to our excellence as a software architecture and consulting firm.

Just like the strongest rope available for tug of war, we strive to give our clients the greatest level of confidence in their product and our skill.

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