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DevOps Presentation: Reality or Fiction

Real or Fake…

Today I did an online presentation to Sierra Systems on the Topic of DevOps.  We had some great discussions regarding:

  • How do you move to DevOps from when you are starting with an immature team?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to successful DevOps?
  • What tooling do you recommend? (My demos used Team Foundation Server/Visual Studio Team System)
  • How does DevOps work with large teams/multiple scrum teams?

Here are the slides from today’s presentation. Unfortunately, we barely scratched the surface of the topic never mind getting into a discussion of best practices:

2018.04.24-DevOps, Reality or Fiction Slides

3 thoughts on “DevOps Presentation: Reality or Fiction”

  1. This looks really interesting, but it’s just slides. It would be great if you could post a voice over/ video to go along with this.

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