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Creating Human-Centered Software with Avista


As part of an ongoing evolution of their method for retrieving data from external systems, Avista Utilities partnered with IntelliTect to integrate their Customer Information System (CIS), work management system, and electric and gas meter application.  

Avista’s goal of delivering exceptional customer service and streamlining its business processes was hindered prior to their partnership with IntelliTect. Overcoming the problems of multiple outdated systems and a complex integration environment allowed the utility company to secure against data loss and focus their resources on key business applications. 


IntelliTect’s team of expert developers provided software architecture and technical leadership using agile methodologies to address the complications of using multiple different systems to gather the raw data and present it in an accessible format.  

The IntelliTect team’s natural agile implementation style matched Avista’s desire to develop iteratively and start a phased approach to the project, beginning with the minimal viable product (MVP).  


Avista selected the Oracle Meter Data Management (MDM) system to integrate with the existing Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), Oracle E-Business Suite, IBM’s Maximo, and Ventyx Service Suite systems. IntelliTect utilized BizTalk middleware for integration and acted as the overall system architects to make the environment seamlessly function.  

Additionally, human-centered software was identified and constructed based on Avista’s needs in order to handle change management in the complicated development and production environments. 


IntelliTect successfully integrated and implemented the launch of the Oracle MDM system into the customer environment, allowing Avista to retrieve real-time meter data and facilitate workflows through the rest of the applications in the environment. The integration significantly improved Avista’s ability to focus on client relations and prevent unacceptable downtime, inconsistency, and security risks.  

IntelliTect’s team continues to support Avista through integrated releases, and additional architectural guidance, and module development, ensuring the stability and operational efficiency of the system’s infrastructure. 

IntelliTect’s mastery of Agile, Scrum, and human-centered software and dedication to continuous delivery and improvement makes us the ideal team to handle challenges of this magnitude, as we have extended experience determining viability.