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group of hands overlapped for a team cheer

IntelliTect Today: Expanding Our Team and Community Outreach

Celebrating Ten Year Anniversaries, New Team Members, and Returning to In-person Classes

As the pandemic slowly wanes to a close, we’ve started returning to all the aspects of IntelliTect that make our company culture so strong. Most of our team has transitioned back to the office after spending the last year working from home.

Welcoming More Members to the IntelliTeam

This past year included a large amount of growth for the IntelliTeam in terms of size and our impact worldwide. Our team continues to multiply, with sixteen new full-time hires and four interns in the past year. The “Dev Den” in our newly-renovated basement has become the home base for weekly IntelliTect team lunches.

It’s a joy to see so many team members collaborating and working together in the office.

team lunch in Dev Den
Twenty members of the IntelliTeam showed up for breakfast burritos in our newly renovated basement. We look forward to more Lunch-bunch Wednesdays!

Seeing Our Work Reflected in Our Local Community

Recently, our team participated in an onsite tour at Hope House, one of the local shelters through Volunteers of America that provides resources for homeless individuals in Spokane. We strive to end injustice locally and worldwide by devoting a significant portion of our profits to organizations dedicated to fighting poverty. Seeing the IntelliTeam’s hard work in the office reflected through the projects we donate to, helps put the IntelliTect vision into practice.

Celebrating Ten Years of Successfully Storming the Castle

This year, as a celebration of the decade of work Phil Spokas and Kelly Adams have done for IntelliTect, we are traveling to some of our philanthropy sites in Africa.

As our VP of Professional Services, Phil has delivered exceptional work throughout his ten years with IntelliTect. We’re eager to see how his leadership continues to make IntelliTect a place of excellence.

Kelly Adams’ extensive experience developing cutting-edge applications and excellent communication skills make him an asset to any project. We look forward to many more years with this senior software engineer.

If you’d like to follow along with our trip, make sure to “like” our Facebook page, where I’ll post updates.

Teaching the Next Generation of Great Developers

I’ve continued teaching C# at Eastern Washington University and am fortunate to say that we’ve returned to in-person learning. My passion for sharing knowledge shines best in the classroom, and I am grateful to see that same passion reflected in the tenacity of my students. We’re wrapping up this quarter’s Essential C# course and are offering an Essential ASP.NET course taught by myself, our CTO, Grant Erickson, and IntelliTect software engineer, Meg Woodford, during the upcoming quarter.

We’re looking forward to all that 2022 has to bring for the IntelliTect team!