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IntelliTect Giving Priorities and Values

IntelliTect’s Philanthropy


IntelliTect is deeply committed to using a significant portion of our profits to improve the quality of life for people with needs in our local community and around the world. We designate some of our time, expertise, and profits for projects in our own neighborhoods of Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington. We also target debilitating poverty around the world by thoughtfully partnering with other organizations. The following guidelines help us determine what type of projects to fund and in which locations to focus our time and energy.

  • IntelliTect chooses to fund projects that focus on the most desperate poverty. People in the communities we partner with often survive on less than a few dollars a day. Many of them lack access to clean water, sufficient food, safe shelter, and sanitation facilities. Many have no income at all.
  • Our international projects improve access to basic life needs like water, food, shelter, sanitation, health care, education, justice and safety.
  • Locally, we give financial support and time to organizations that help people needing safe housing, reliable food resources, and counseling.
  • When possible, we build a personal partnership with the people in these communities.  We work diligently to be sure the support we provide is desired by the people we serve and empowers them rather than making them dependent on more support.  Our goal is always self-sufficiency and independence.
  • The large organizations that we partner with all publicly share their independently verified financial reports and use an average of 85% or more of the money they raise in the field.
  • IntelliTect’s owners give because of their Christian faith and generally partner with organizations that share this Christian worldview.  But just as Jesus saw the Samaritan traveler as his neighbor, we see  agnostics, humanists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and all other people as our neighbors.  With this in mind, our Christian worldview calls us to offer help to all people without regard to their faith or background.