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PowerShell Video: Desired State Configuration (DSC)

PowerShell Simplification

Learn to configure computers using PowerShell but with better syntax, less effort, and fewer errors using DSC.

When configuring remote systems using PowerShell, it often can involve lots of hands-on time settings up environments, spinning up cloud instances, and running various scripts.

This is not the only option! You can automate PowerShell processes.

IntelliTect senior software engineer, Steve Byerly, recently finished a project within PowerShell. Steve’s team used the Desired State Configuration (DSC) platform to configure machines, environments, and processes. Using DSC allowed them to define configurations from a single source of truth, as well as deploy multiple environments.

In this video, Steve walks through what’s needed to define Infrastructure as Code to reduce the amount of hands-on time required on this type of project.

Visit GitHub for the repo with slides and example code.

Still curious about PowerShell and DSC?

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