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Software Internship Tips and Tricks with GitKraken

How to Make Connections and Land a Tech Internship

GitKraken is known for its legendary Git tools. Those who have spent much time working with me know I am a bit of a fanboy (ok, maybe a huge over-the-top fanboy). I am also a GitKraken ambassador and frequently write about their tools. Beyond just producing Git tools, GitKraken also has a wide variety of general development-related information on their blog and YouTube channel (not just Git content).

Speaking in GitKraken’s YouTube Series

The First Five Years of Software Development is a video series by GitKraken. As part of this series, Stephanie, Meg, and I sat down with some of my fellow GitKraken ambassadors to discuss software development internships.

For students or anyone looking to land their first internship, the video (below) should help answer many common questions people have when looking for an internship. Such as, “How did you get your first internship?” or “What should candidates look for in an internship? What skills are companies looking for in an intern?” We also provide tips and tricks when applying, common mistakes to avoid, and advice on making the most of your internship experience.

Stephanie (IntelliTect Office Manager), Meg (IntelliTect Software Engineer), and I (IntelliTect Senior Software Architect) discuss ways to stand out from other applicants and mistakes to avoid when interviewing in this session of GitKraken’s series.

Making Connections

In my career, I started with an internship that I got due to a family friend who just happened to be hiring interns when I started looking. During that internship, I was fortunate to be paired with some senior developers who taught me a ton. During my internship, I learned more about software development than I did while earning a computer science degree.

More importantly, I connected with several people in the industry that I still am in contact with today. Fast forward about six years after that internship, and I got a phone call from one of those developers telling me about an s opening at an incredible company he had been working for (IntelliTect).

If you want to land your first software internship or are just looking to get involved in the tech world, don’t waste a connection. Make connections with people in the field. From career fairs, local user groups, or job shadow opportunities, there are plenty of opportunities to chat with industry experts to start networking. These could even be people you went to school with. You never know who might be able to recommend (or not recommend) you for that first internship position.

Software Internship Tips & Tricks

Once you land your internship, as Meg said in the video, “Try as much as you can, then focus on what you like to do.”

I couldn’t agree more. It is essential to try and learn as much as possible during your internship. Ask questions and learn from those around you.

As I commented in the video, it is not about the number of questions you ask but the types of questions you ask. Work on learning to formulate questions that show you have spent some time thinking about the problem you are facing. Though not captured by the video, my fellow ambassador, Wyatt, did have a couple of rubber ducks sitting on his desk during the call (check out the video to understand the reference).

Finally, as Stephanie said during the video, “Make sure you follow up.” A connection that you don’t follow up with is a wasted connection. Following up on previous communications is a simple action that can make you stand out from other candidates.

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