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How Do You Pick the Best Development Team?

Developers use languages and technologies that most of the general population have never heard of. What should a company look for when searching for the perfect team to help create their next project?

IntelliTect has been called a Microsoft Consulting shop, and although we believe Microsoft has a great technology set that we’re experts in, we know that it isn’t always the best fit for our customers. One of IntelliTect’s major value propositions versus other software consultants is that we aren’t just Microsoft/C# experts, but rather “Technology Experts.”

“At IntelliTect, our general technical competence in just about anything (Microsoft or not) coupled with our ability to ‘blend-in’ with a client corporate culture allows us to work with the client to pick the best technology solution for their problem,” said Chris Finlayson, senior software engineer at IntelliTect. “This allows us to deliver a solution that doesn’t just work when we walk out the door, but one that will endure.”

Why Microsoft Tech?

That said, why do we tend to revert to Microsoft tech?

Here are the top four reasons provided by Kevin Bost, senior software engineer at IntelliTect:

1. Free and Open-source

Yes, there are a lot of caveats to this one. Microsoft typically charges a fee for it’s more complex services, but most of them allow you to start for free or for minimal cost and you only pay to upscale or release. This makes it easy to see the ROI. Also worth pointing out, you won’t find any other company doing more to make things free and open source than Microsoft.

2. Development Speed

Microsoft has some of the best dev tools on the market, and we excel (pun intended) with Microsoft technology, so we can churn out solutions much faster without sacrificing quality.

3. Support

In recent years, Microsoft has invested a great deal in supporting their products and developers. Since Mark Michaelis is a Regional Director with Microsoft, we receive additional support and perks that we’re able to pass on to our customers.

4. Knowledge

We’re experts in this stack. Mark is more than a Regional Director with Microsoft. He’s also a distinguished Microsoft MVP for C# and Visual Studio Team System, written six books on C#, regularly speaks at conferences, is a columnist for MSDN Magazine, speaks on podcasts (such as DotNet Rocks!) and occasionally appears as a guest on MSDN’s Channel 9. He passes the knowledge he gains on to the rest of our team so we can all be successful.

Written by Erin Wissing.

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“It’s getting easier to write code,” said Mark Michaelis, CEO of IntelliTect. “However, writing code correctly is still hard, and testing the code, especially functional testing, to make sure that it behaves correctly is even more difficult. This is why, at IntelliTect, we strive to ensure that our clients are paired with the best technologies (Microsoft or otherwise) and skilled engineers that are capable of bringing their vision to fruition.”

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