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Food for the Hungry in Central Africa

IntelliTect Joins Food for the Hungry


Food for the Hungry is best known for its work as a primary food and medicine distributor for USAid in Africa. During the past two years, IntelliTect has joined Food for the Hungry in an interesting partnership to sponsor high profile Christian music concerts around the United States. These concerts provide an opportunity for Food for the Hungry to offer people the chance to sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry’s child sponsorship program. Thousands of children have been sponsored throughout the world as a result of these concerts.

In 2009, IntelliTect was invited to join Food for the Hungry as they built the New Life Center in Uganda to provide protection, counseling, job skills, and other support to women and families devastated by the civil war in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This conflict has been ongoing for decades and is sometimes known as “Joseph Kony’s War”. The trained locals and Food for the Hungry staff at New Life Center have provided medical, social, emotional and spiritual help to more than 1200 child mothers (Mothers under 18 years old) and 4800 children who were severely impacted by the civil war. These women were served through a residential program as well as a community outreach initiative.  Many of these women and children are trying to transition from being slaves to the Lord’s Resistance Army back into their local communities again. The assistance of the New Life Center has been a strong support for these women and their families. IntelliTect is blessed to have played a part in this inspirational work of restoration.