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Essential C# 6.0 Book

Essential C# 6.0 is a well-organized, “no-fluff” guide to the latest versions of C# for programmers at all levels of C# experience.

Essential C# 6.0 Book

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About the Authors

MARK MICHAELIS founded IntelliTect and serves as its chief technical architect and trainer. Since 1996, he has been a Microsoft MVP for C#, Visual Studio Team System, and the Windows SDK; in 2007, he was recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director. Michaelis serves on several Microsoft software design review teams, including C#, Connected Systems, Office/SharePoint, and Visual Studio. He speaks at developer conferences and has written many articles and books.

ERIC LIPPERT is a principal developer on Microsoft’s C# compiler team and a C# language design team member. He has worked on designing and implementing several Microsoft languages and Visual Studio Tools for Office.

Getting Started

Throughout, topics intended for beginners and advanced readers are marked. If you’re new to C#, this guide will quickly help you start writing significant code. If you’re an experienced C# developer, you’ll gain insight into today’s most complex programming challenges and techniques as you master key C# 6.0 innovations such as async/await pattern. No matter how advanced your skills become, you’ll come to rely on this indispensable reference.

Special thanks to Kody Brown, who did a ton of work reviewing, testing, and posting the code for Essential C# 5.0, and his work continues forward to Essential C# 6.0.

An Overview of C# 6.0

The authors illustrate key constructs with succinct, downloadable code examples. At the beginning of each chapter, graphical mind maps outline the covered material and how individual topics interrelate. This edition also includes C# Coding Guidelines that call attention to today’s best practices for writing C# code. Separate indexes of C# versions 3.0, 4.0,  5.0, and 6.0 make it easy to find answers specific to whatever version of C# you are using.

A Peek Inside

  • Mastering C# data types, operators, control flow, methods, and parameters
  • Making the most of C# object-oriented constructs, including classes, inheritance, interfaces, and more
  • Building reliable, effective exception handling into your code
  • Using generics, delegates, Lambda expressions, and events to reduce code complexity
  • Learning dynamic programming with reflection and attributes
  • Querying virtually any type of data using LINQ with Query Expressions
  • Creating custom collections that operate against business objects

More Highlights

  • Understanding the Common Language Infrastructure and C# in the context of the .NET 4.5 development platform
  • Taking advantage of declarative programming, embedded metadata, reflection, and attributes
  • Thoroughly mastering multithreading and synchronization, including the new async/await paradigm
  • Discussion of WinRT and programming in C# for Windows 8
  • Using P/Invoke, pointers, and direct memory manipulation to interoperate with code in other languages
  • Understanding how C# programs relate to the underlying runtime


Source Code

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Master C# Today!

Master C# Today!