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2019 Philanthropy Update

Why We Do What We Do

IntelliTect’s commitment to finding innovative solutions to the world’s most difficult problems extend beyond software development into social justice and anti-poverty work. Last year, IntelliTect provided financial support to several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working toward ending slavery (click here to learn more), giving legal protection to women suffering extreme gender violence (click here for more project-related info), and offering tangible support for international refugees as they first arrive in Spokane (click here for a previous blog).

The organizations IntelliTect partners with strive to serve the most impoverished people that are the least likely to be helped otherwise. For example, this past year IntelliTect supported programs designed to assist young women with infant children living far from urban centers and medical facilities. We also partnered with NGOs to build and maintain schools for children living in refugee camps in war-ravaged South Sudan (click here for a recent blog). Locally, our philanthropy helps support Naomi (previously Hearth Homes), the only shelter for homeless women with children in Spokane Valley, Washington.

At IntelliTect, we take philanthropy seriously. We trust our clients have an added sense of pride in knowing that working with IntelliTect helps to bring peace, justice and hope for a brighter future to some of the world’s most desperate and neglected people.

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