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Deliver Value with the AWS EDP

The AWS Secret to Saving You Big Bucks

Did you know that your enterprise can save between 6 – 9 percent on AWS cloud services when you pay in advance?

The AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) can save an organization thousands of dollars when it commits to a predetermined annual spend of nearly $1 million or more.

Exploring the AWS EDP

At IntelliTect, we discovered the benefits of the AWS EDP while helping one of our many enterprise clients traverse the various AWS spending options.

This client has grown to a point where they spend tens of thousands a month with AWS. They want to ensure they spend money wisely and are preparing to negotiate a discount with AWS. During this process, we discovered the AWS EDP and determined it was a good fit for that client and, likely, several of our other clients.

Why You Should Care

Our IntelliTect team works closely with our clients to ensure discounting opportunities are realized. We want to pass opportunities on to our clients whenever we discover them.

The nice thing about the EDP is that going over your enterprise’s committed AWS spend allows the overage to be discounted at your contracted EDP discount level. Your enterprise may benefit a great deal by making the switch to Amazon’s EDP.

Here are three key things to consider about the program:

  • You’ve considered the “what-ifs” of your particular economy and market, and your team feels confident about committing to a million-dollar spend over the next year – even if your compute and storage usage were to decrease over your commitment timeframe.
  • Your enterprise has a predictable annual growth rate and may be able to consider a spend commitment for the next three years, warranting even greater discounts.
  •  If your actual spend doesn’t reach your commitment level for the year, your organization must still pay AWS for the committed spend – you’ve considered these risks, and the benefits make sense for your enterprise.

Let Us Help Your Enterprise Save Thousands

IntelliTect is skilled at negotiating with Amazon on our client’s behalf. We know that the baseline EDP discount is 6 percent, but we also know we might get as much as 9 percent, as seen in this AWS Enterprise Discount Program Addendum.

Amazon EDP Addendum
Example EDP addendum showing a 9 percent discount at a $1 million commitment level.

AWS has made it relatively easy to mitigate the risk of actual spend not reaching the commitment level for the year by making nearly all AWS solutions qualify for the spend commitment, including AWS Marketplace, professional services, training, and more.

Engaging with the EDP program early is critical because the spend that happens before an EDP is finalized can’t be credited toward your enterprise’s commitment. Once your EDP concludes, your enterprise can engage in further cost optimization or migration projects.

We know that our enterprise clients are excited to see these discounts applied to their cloud spend, and we love working with them to engage in all cost-saving opportunities as their cloud adoption matures.

Ready to Commit?

Whether you are at the beginning of your cloud journey with AWS or you’ve been a customer for a long time, it is never too early to discuss how a cloud discounting program like AWS EDP can enable savings in your increasing cloud consumption growth plan.

We can support your cloud strategy for growth, economic and market trend considerations, and spend consolidation if you are looking for new ways to optimize costs.

Still unsure? Not to worry – This blog is only a quick snapshot of the items you should consider. Reach out to us, and we can help you figure out the best plan for your unique enterprise needs.

Speak to our cloud discounting consultant to get started: (509) 676-0959.

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