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Employee Spotlight: Andrew Scott and Mike Curn

Innovative Excellence and Leading-up 

IntelliTect technical visionaries Andrew Scott and Mike Curn are no strangers to the company’s culture of leading up, as both consistently exceed expectations and assist fellow team members in their pursuit of excellence.  

As a result of their significant contributions to IntelliTect and consistent leadership, Andrew and Mike received promotions! Andrew is now a senior software architect, and Mike is a senior quality assurance (QA) architect. Both have each been with IntelliTect for nearly a decade.  

Andrew (left) and Mike (right) continue to impact IntelliTect’s culture and engineering solutions.

Getting to Know Andrew Scott 

Andrew continually provides guidance as the primary software architect on several client projects and lends his expertise in all areas, such as Vue, TypeScript, C#, and Entity Framework. He’s also the primary maintainer and technical visionary behind Coalesce, IntelliTect’s open-source project for creating websites quickly and efficiently

“Every day is different,” Andrew said. “Some days, I hardly make it through all the day’s emails, and other days, I’m writing code non-stop from dawn to dusk. Other days I’m not writing code but rather working on figuring out the design of a new system, writing documentation, or other supporting tasks.” 

After starting with IntelliTect in 2015 and working part-time during his senior year of college, Andrew has been a software engineer of some level, gradually transitioning to more architecture-focused roles. His experience in full-stack web application development, knowledge of ASP.NET Core and Vue, and over ten years of writing software made his promotion a natural progression. 

Since Andrew started at IntelliTect, he has demonstrated his knack for software development and architecture. His depth of knowledge in multiple areas of software development allows him to be a key contributor for open-source projects and help many team members with tough technical problems.
Grant Erickson, CTO

Andrew’s natural tendency to empower those around him brings value to both his coworkers and the clients he supports. 

“Andrew is one the most stellar developers I have had the pleasure of working with, and he has a very valuable talent to identify real-world business values that matter to clients,” said Kenny White, an IntelliTect software engineer. “He turns vague business requirements into achievable goals on a reasonable timeline, which he meets while building a sustainable, quality product.”  

In addition to being a great collaboration partner, Andrew also jumps on to projects with fast implementations that result in quality solutions. 

“Quality, maintainability, and usability are always important,” Andrew said. “Even when project constraints might make it difficult to do, a quality solution is always better in the long run, and that’s what I always try to deliver.” 

Getting to Know Mike Curn 

Mike has extensive experience in all forms of QA, including manual, automated UI, automated integration, unit, and load testing. He’s used his QA expertise to help several customers that are leaders in the manufacturing, insurance, and utility industries, making his transition into a Senior QA Architect seamless. 

“A few years ago, I was looking at the different client teams and saw that they were all having similar challenges with automated testing, DevOps, and quality issues,” Mike said. “I started putting together different things to help like PowerPoint slides to distill information from the business side or assessments to evaluate how well they were doing DevOps.” 

In the over nine years Mike and I have worked together, he has grown tremendously in both his leadership and technical prowess. Mike has taken his daily activities at each customer engagement and leveraged them in his career growth and ability to apply his learning, strategically advancing his influence at IntelliTect and with all his customers.
Mark Michaelis, IntelliTect CEO

When he’s not working with product owners to determine when to release updates or helping clients with testing planning safely, Mike focuses on expanding IntelliTect’s service offerings listed on the company’s website or assisting other teams with their client projects. 

“Mike’s awesome,” said Clayton Gravatt, IntelliTect’s data analyst. “Everything starts to work when he’s involved in a project. We just pointed him in the general direction of some technology we’ve wanted to test for years, and he had a comprehensive testing harness running in a matter of weeks.”  

The ability to grow at IntelliTect and the support from his team members have allowed Mike to flourish. 

“Early on, when I started doing some automation at IntelliTect, Kevin Bost [a Microsoft MVP] paired with me a lot, and he’s not the only one,” Mike said. “Chris, Andrew, and Yuriy have also all been extremely helpful. When I think about how much I’ve learned and the path I could have taken to get there on my own, it would have taken about three times longer to get to this role. The opportunity for career growth here means a lot.” 

Wins at IntelliTect 

When one of our team members leads up and consistently wins, it becomes a win for the entire company and deserves to be celebrated. 

For more about Andrew, check out his previous spotlight, An Analytical Thinker Who Crafts Innovative Solutions. For more about Mike, check out his previous spotlight, An Enterprising SDET with a Passion for Improving. 

Written by Nicole Glidden.

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