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Thank You: From a Child Survival Program Mother

Child Survival Project

The IntelliTect team would love nothing more than to share each and every letter and video that they receive from the various groups they sponsor.

Often, the letters need to remain private for safety or security reasons. But when allowed, the team is happy to share them with clients as a thank you for partnering in this fight against extreme poverty around the world.

Here’s a letter that was recently received from Sarah, a mother in Compassion International’s Child Survival Program in Africa.

A mother and son in the Child Survival Program

Above: Sarah, a mother in the survival program, holds her son, Nelson.

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. My name is Sarah, and I am the mother of Nelson. As a mother in the Survival program, I have learned a lot through the seminars we receive every month, both at home and at the church. Before joining Survival, I had a negative view of immunizations. At the time, Nelson was weak and malnourished.

After attending Survival lessons, I began seeing the importance of immunizations that children receive at the clinic. When my child received a measles immunization and other necessary vaccines, he began developing normally.

Through the program, I went to a nutritionist who advised me about the kinds of foods my child was lacking. I found out he was lacking proteins, so the Survival staff helped me put him in a nutrition support program.

Thank you for the support you give to me through the Survival program. It has made my child improve in health.

Through the program, he developed the ability to crawl, and he continues to improve every day.

Nelson is active and enjoys playing with toys at the center, which makes him very alert. May God bless you for the support you give to the Survival program.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Kwendo

You Can Help, Too!

Interested in helping moms like Sarah? Connect with Compassion International to get started.

For more info on IntelliTect’s involvement with this program, check out this article.

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