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Spotlight: Child Survival Programs

Making a Difference in Kenya and Tanzania: One Mother at a Time

The IntelliTect team is humbled to be a small part of the hard work and unconditional love pouring out through Compassion International’s multiple Child Survival Programs (CSP’s) in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Partnering with Compassion for the past eight years, IntelliTect has helped fund multiple child survival programs in the neediest regions of rural Kenya and Tanzania (see map below). 

Map of the Child Survival Program Sites that IntelliTect has helped fund in the past year

This map shows the locations of Compassion’s Child Survival Programs that IntelliTect has helped fund in the past year.

These programs are coordinated by Compassion around the world. Local leaders carefully design the programs to protect the health of mothers and their children from pregnancy until their children are around age five. IntelliTect has provided consistent and reliable funding for the staff as well as training, medicine, food, and other supplies at these CSP locations.  

“May God bless you for the support you give to the Survival program.”

How Compassion’s CSP’s Make a Difference

IntelliTect recently received an email from Sarah, a mother in the Survival program (pictured above with her son, Nelson). Sarah said, “As a mother in the Survival program, I have learned a lot through the seminars we receive every month, both at home and at the church…Through the program, I went to a nutritionist who advised me about the kinds of foods my child was lacking. I found out he was lacking proteins, so the Survival staff helped me put him in a nutrition support program.”

Check out our blog for Sarah’s full email.

Many of the mothers served by these programs are young. They often do not have a dependable support system to guide them through their pregnancy outside of this program.

Local women, hired as mentors by the CSP, offer nutritional training, medical check-ups, and supplies. They even help at the birth of the child, if necessary. Once the child is born, the center offers parenting classes, medical check-ups and vaccinations for the baby, early childhood learning activities, and advocacy for these young moms when they need it. 

“Thank you for the support you give to me through the Survival program, Sarah wrote. “It has made my child improve in health. Through the program, he developed the ability to crawl, and he continues to improve every day. Nelson is active and enjoys playing with toys at the center, which makes him very alert. May God bless you for the support you give to the Survival program.”

Preparing for Life After the Program

Once the mother and child are healthy physically, and cared for spiritually, these centers also provide job training and micro-loans. When they leave the program, mothers can have an income of their own and will be able to successfully care for their children.

It is a blessing for the IntelliTect team to witness these women work so hard. They’re giving their children the best chance at growing up to be strong leaders in their rural communities.

You Can Help!

Interested in helping moms like Sarah? Connect with Compassion International to get started.

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