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Strengthening Your Enterprise Through Data & Analytics

Enhance Your Enterprise’s Operational State

At IntelliTect, we use cloud services to extract, load and transform transactional data to create agile and scalable data warehouses capable of creating reports for any user. The advanced analytics we designed have been used in various industries throughout the Inland Northwest.

This past month, I had the privilege of teaching a crash course at SQLSaturday Spokane on how to build a modern data warehouse using Microsoft Azure for Power BI, a data presentation and analytics service provided by Microsoft.

Power BI is a powerful tool capable of connecting directly to a variety of data sources to ingest data, has powerful data transformation capabilities, can model data and present it through interactive visualizations. Once we build a modern data warehouse for our clients, users can create complex reports without having to depend on engineers or administrators with a specialized skill set to locate the information they require.

If it’s been more than a year since you reviewed your enterprise’s operational state, consider contacting me for a review ( Our engineers are skilled in transforming your business intelligence initiatives so that they achieve your desired outcomes.