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5 Key Reasons ASP.NET Core is an excellent choice for Web Development

ASP.NET Core: Mark Michaelis’ 5 Key Reasons to Migrate

Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core Provides an Open-source Platform for Efficiently Building High-performance Websites with Cross-platform Capabilities

Mark Michaelis, CEO of IntelliTect, has traveled throughout the US teaching developers how to take their existing code and upgrade it to the efficient ASP.NET Core framework that requires users to install only what they need to host websites.

Mark at Visual Studio Live in Chicago

Mark Michaelis is presenting at Visual Studio Live in Chicago, Illinois, on September 18, 2018.

At IntelliTect, we’re working with several companies to build new (greenfield) ASP.NET Core systems or to migrate existing ASP.NET Framework projects (brownfield) to ASP.NET Core.

Considering Migration?

Mark believes the following five ASP.NET Core advantages should simplify your decision:

  1. The new platform allows for more efficient ways of executing DevOps, especially in deployment, automated unit testing, monitoring and analytics—the result is a more efficient solution that promotes better project health and ultimately a better system.
  2. ASP.NET Framework is at the end of development, with no more improvements except for security fixes. The longer a company delays, the more code they’ll need to migrate to ASP.NET Core in the future (potentially with greater cost) and the less time they can take advantage of the ASP.NET Core advantages.
  3. Migrating helps with employee retention by giving developers the opportunity to develop with current technology.
  4. With ASP.NET Core performance is optimized, allowing for millions of transactions a second.  Visit TechEmpower Benchmarks at
  5. Cross-platform development and execution enable both development and deployment on Linux and Mac.

“It isn’t a matter of whether your company should migrate, it’s a matter of when, except of course if your product is end of life anyway,” Mark said.

Want More?

Check out Michael Stokesbary’s blog about securing web APIs in .NET Core 2.2.

Contact us for more information about the benefits of migrating to ASP.NET Core.


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