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Okanogan PUD’s New Web Portal Improves Efficiency

Problem: Inefficient Management Systems

Okanogan PUD had several disparate systems for managing service orders for Internet access within Okanogan County. The custom systems were developed separately using different technologies and didn’t work well together. This created inefficiencies in maintenance and a lack of uniform user experience. Because the systems were in distinct silos, multiple manual steps were often required to fulfill and maintain service orders, leading to difficulty in tracking down errors. Okanogan sought out IntelliTect to provide an enhanced system to better meet their needs.

Products & Services Used:

  • Business Process/Requirements Analysis
  • Full lifecycle software development
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • ASP.NET MVC with Telerik Kendo UI

Services Continued:

  • Responsive website for display on mobile devices
  • Integrated with third-party network management and monitoring tools such as SolarWinds, RADIUS, and Prism


  • Utilities

Solution: New Okanogan PUD Web Portal

IntelliTect developed a new web portal for Okanogan PUD to replace and enhance their other systems. The new system streamlines the ordering process, decreases maintenance costs of the various systems, and adds functionality to improve efficiency. Specific benefits include:

  • A streamlined, consistent interface for service order initiation
  • A uniform, consistent code-base replacing the multiple different code-bases responsible for the other systems
  • Unified systems that allow for the fulfillment of a service order to be automated
  • Reduced customer service calls by allowing customers to initiate and provide required feedback electronically within the lifecycle of a service order.
  • Automated integration with the billing system obviating the need for various manual steps required in the legacy system

Results: Improved RSP Efficiency

The system delivered to Okanogan PUD improves the efficiency and effectiveness of both the Retail Service Providers (RSPs) as well as the PUD staff. Orders are more efficiently tracked and processed. Additionally, orders are processed electronically, foregoing the error-prone manual paper process that was significantly more difficult to track.

You have exceeded my expectations for this system!
John McDonald, Network Services Manager, Okanogan PUD

Okanogan’s Broadband equipment inventory is now tracked and updated as orders are placed, delivered to RSPs, and when new inventory is ordered.

The new system allows the RSPs and the existing PUD staff to spend more time on network management and customer service than order processing and management.

About Okanogan PUD

Okanogan Public Utility District provides wholesale internet broadband services to Okanogan County. Wholesale services are provided to Retail Service Providers (RSPs) who are then responsible for delivering high-speed internet services to the county’s residents and businesses.