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Questions to Ask When Considering Outsourcing

Our Guide to Outsourcing a Software Development Firm

Agonizing over the decision to outsource has plagued IT management for centuries. Well, maybe “decades” is more accurate, but it sure feels like centuries to many of us.

Outsourcing is a popular way to reduce expenses and allow the experts to help you focus on what you do best. In some situations, it’s difficult to determine if outsourcing can result in the intended positive outcome or ultimately cause frustrated users.

Here are the key points to consider when deciding if it’s the right time to outsource:

1. Understand the project’s risk profile that you are considering outsourcing to a software development firm.

Does your project have a constrained timeframe with a short time to market? 

If precise execution is required, highly trained and experienced project management from an outside firm can minimize the risk of not meeting critical deadlines. Outsourcing to expert software development teams can improve your chance of success due to their experience and focused skillsets. Outsourcing prevents any adverse effects on your company’s external branding.

Many software projects are tied directly to employee satisfaction and company culture. Organizations cannot afford to degrade any company culture due to a failed software project in times like these when culture is critical to retaining talent. Outsourcing can provide access to change management experts focused on culture and communication.

2. Does your in-house staff have the expertise, knowledge, and resources to succeed?

 Is your current in-house staff up to date with all the upcoming technologies and best practices?             

Hiring full-time development resources are complex due to the high demand in this current market. Depending on your location, you can hire top-quality developers in-house. Still, the chances are that you won’t reach the expertise levels that a company dedicated to finding and maintaining the best talent in the world can.

If you need additional resources and are considering hiring full-time staff, consider if you have enough work to sustain those resources beyond the project’s close. Outsourcing can help you avoid the overhead and stress of hiring staff needed for the project and releasing them when the work is completed. With a fluctuating and highly volatile economy approaching, this activity can feel even more stressful and internally contentious.

3. Review all concurrent critical business priorities that are executing at the same time as your project.

Are your internal resources better allocated to priorities centered on your core business?

Outsourcing software development allows leadership and internal teams to focus on your core business, leading to better results. You can allocate resources to stay as competitive as possible in your specific market. In my experience as a director of business development, each company’s unique service or product should always be a top priority, which is the top reason to use a software development company.

Outsourcing Software Development with IntelliTect

Outsourcing software development helps you develop high-quality and efficient products and solutions faster.

At IntelliTect, we achieve high-quality products quickly because we implement agile methodologies in all facets of our business operations and spend a significant amount of time hiring the right talent. IntelliTect’s culture fosters education to keep all staff trained on emerging technologies and various industry-best practices. When you outsource software development to IntelliTect, your business can focus on critical efforts and meaningful business strategies that give you a competitive edge. 

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