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Online Catalog and Modern UX Design for Non-profit

Challenge: A Strict Deadline

Partners International needed to deliver an engaging online gift catalog before the holiday season and an interactive and responsive website that linked ministries from across the world to their clients. They set a strict six-week deadline for these products so that they would be available for the holiday rush.

Partners International didn’t have the time or resources to complete their projects. They required a reliable and respected development company to promote their branding campaign through software development initiatives. IntelliTect was hired to assist.

IntelliTect delivered two high-level solutions, one for each need. They provided project management, software development using Microsoft technologies, WordPress implementation, as well as graphic design tools for a stellar UX design. The team updated Partners’ website to help reach their long-term strategic goals and designed and developed their gift catalog in time for the holidays.

Partners could have never accomplished nor satisfied all of our internal requirements without the help from the IntelliTect team. The incredible relationship that developed within the team was amazing. The project team had an outstanding combination of creativity, generosity, always delivered quality and an overall ‘can do’ attitude. IntelliTect recognized the complexity of the project and the tight timeline and was able to deliver.
Larry Andrews, President and CEO, Partners International

Products & Services Used:

  • Web Design
  • Web App Development
  • Consulting
  • Project Management

Services Continued:

  • Salesforce Integration Services
  • WordPress Development
  • Strategy


  • Social Services

Solution: A Responsive Website with a Vibrant UX Design

Screenshots of Local Non-Profit's Online Gift Catalog and Responsive Website.
Screenshots of Partners’ responsive site.

IntelliTect’s development team worked closely with Partners utilizing the latest UI/UX technologies to create a responsive, vibrant, and enticing online sales catalog.

The team also helped design and promote Partners’ branding campaign by creating an appealing/interactive user experience through videos, images, quotes, and vision statements.

Results: Furthering the Mission

The Partners International executive team was thrilled with the results. President & CEO Larry Andrews said, “Partners achieved their primary objective: a website that would encourage engagement with a large number of people and an online catalog to help further [our] mission.”

Partners International has received excellent feedback from customers and partners surrounding the new design and online catalog.

About Partners International

Partners International, a non-profit organization based in Spokane, Washington, identifies high-impact, native Christian ministries and partners with them in accountable, trusting partnerships to advance God’s Kingdom in the least Christian regions of the world. They believe in accountability without control and are committed to what they call “Servant Partnership”. They go far beyond providing just financial resources.

Partners fosters ministries’ growth through training, leadership development, planning, and ongoing counsel that helps their partners become successful, sustainable organizations that are transforming their communities and nations for Christ.