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Refining Hoopfest’s Reliable Site with Microsoft Technologies

Problem: Designing a Scalable System

As a non-profit and non-technical organization, Hoopfest needed a partner that they could trust to deliver a team management system scalable enough to provide registration and bracketing for the wide variety of classes of teams participating in their event. Since the tournament is open to participants of widely varying levels of ability, age, and height, the bracketing system needed to address these considerations when pairing teams. The system also needed to provide a variable registration experience, tailored to the characteristics of the registrants. Since Hoopfest’s staff was limited in technical expertise, it was imperative that the partner they selected was able to operate autonomously, making the right choice, and supporting the system with little intervention from Hoopfest’s staff.

Products & Services Used:

  • UI Design
  • C# Development

Services Continued:

  • SharePoint
  • Responsive Design


  • Event Management

Solution: Using Microsoft Technologies

For the last several years, IntelliTect has been Hoopfest’s development and operation partner, ensuring their highly customized registration and bracketing system operates optimally while supporting extreme scalability: up to 27,000 users simultaneously for tournament team tracking. During this time, IntelliTect has used .NET, ASP, SharePoint, and other Microsoft technologies to greatly extend the functionality of the site, resulting in the critical infrastructure which not only powers the Hoopfest Spokane event but also provides a foundation for other partners to power similar events.

For example, when the Los Angeles Lakers approached Hoopfest asking for a similar system, Hoopfest recommended engagement with IntelliTect to build the Lakers’ system. The Lakers’ solution had its own specialized requirements but leveraged the Hoopfest system using Microsoft technologies as a platform. Recently, Hoopfest’s system has been updated to leverage the latest architecture and content management system (CMS) features of SharePoint 2013, which provides the Event Marketing Director with a vastly superior editing experience. IntelliTect has also redesigned the Team Registration process for an improved customer and event management experience. In addition, the website now supports responsive UI design, including support for mobile devices.

Results: A Refined Site Running on Microsoft Tech

For multiple years, the Hoopfest organization has found a trusted, flexible, and capable partner in IntelliTect; one that successfully and continually operates, refines, and extends its comprehensive system. Although this system was an existing asset, it has been extensively revised to incorporate changes over the last few years. Not only has IntelliTect provided a reliable solution for the Hoopfest events, but it has also provided a much-needed platform for other similar events.

When 200,000+ people attend an event like Hoopfest, the last thing the organization should worry about is the core infrastructure. Engaging IntelliTect allows organizations like Hoopfest to focus on their event and not worry about whether or not their systems can handle high volumes of users or provide the functionality that their attendees expect.

The true mark of a successful engagement is a repeat customer. Hoopfest has not only continuously engaged with IntelliTect for the last several years but has also recommended IntelliTect to other organizations.

About Hoopfest

Year after year, the Spokane Hoopfest Association produces the world-renowned 3on3 outdoor basketball tournament with the effort and enthusiasm of their staff and thousands of volunteers. Taking place each summer, during the last weekend of June, Hoopfest has become an iconic event within the city of Spokane, WA, and throughout the world, bringing in over 250,000 people and generating over $46 million of economic impact to the local economy for the weekend event. Whether you are a player, a volunteer, or a fan, Spokane Hoopfest has a place for you to enjoy the energy of over 14,000 games played throughout the weekend.